Scott Weiland’s Ex-Wife Mary Claims She Is Executor Of His Will

Just as I was hoping the news would slow down in regards to the sad details surrounding Scott Weiland’s tragic death, TMZ is now reporting that Mary Forsberg Weiland is claiming that she is the executor of Scott’s will. Mary reportedly filed docs in L.A. saying Scott himself named her as executor, and she’s filed a will with his signature as proof. The will was written though all the way back in April 2007, when Scott and Mary were still married, and just 7 months before they separated and later divorced. Scott married Jamie Wachtel, his third wife, in summer 2013, and remained married to her until his death last month.

The docs say Scott had about $2 million in assets as part of his estate. He also created a trust during his lifetime that has undisclosed assets. Weiland also has two children: Noah, 15, and Lucy, 13. Mary wrote a memoir about her own life and marriage to Scott in 2009 called Fall to Pieces. She wrote a brutally honest open letter following Weiland’s death on December 3rd.

  • — J —

    I hope his children get every single dime.

  • Jesse Bukal

    This isn’t going to be good. Ugh… His poor kids are stuck in the middle of it all.

  • Lucky Neko

    Why does this feel disgusting?

    • Alternative Nation

      Mary, Noah, and Lucy had their own separate memorial. They definitely honored him, just separately.

      • Corndog

        Hi Brett. Has there been an issue with the site for the past week or so?

        I keep getting the message ‘error establishing a database connection’ when I click on a link and have to refresh a few times before the page will appear. I’m getting that on my work computer, home computer and phone do I don’t think it’s me. Are you aware of anything that may be causing that?

  • dakotablue

    Yeah, her “honest” letter said Dec. 3 was the “last day he could be propped up in front of a microphone for the financial benefit or enjoyment of others”–but whoops, forgot to “honestly” say how much financial benefit SHE demanded from him every month. That amount was brutal. I too hope his kids get everything, but if Scott didn’t make Jamie or somebody his executor Mary may well be in charge of the $$.

  • Jimmy Intense

    The milking of Scott will continue well into his posthumous years. Just you wait and see.

  • Felonious Punk

    So he was divorced from this woman for more than seven years and yet still had her in charge of his will? LoL WTF. I’ll bet his widow is PISSED at this news..

    • Anonymous501

      You would hope he made a new will and revoked all previous wills (And the ex didn’t know about it).

      • Felonious Punk

        Right? You would think..

        Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t thinking real bright the last few years of his life

    • Corndog

      It was on his to do list.

      • Felonious Punk

        I was going to say something like “Yea, right after a few lines of cocaine, I reckon…”, but I’ll refrain

  • Raj

    So she rips him as a bad father and husband then comes out to claim all the dough, really classy bipolar lady. He sure knew how to pick ’em.

  • nomad

    All this means is that there is a will that names her as executor and that she filed it with the county. That is a standard procedure. There may be a newer will that was created that could also be filed and possibly just hasn’t been yet. If there is more than one will, then I think the court decides which one is official. It varies depending on the state.

    Her being named the executor does not mean she gets all of his money. The executor is just the person that makes sure that the estate is disbursed in accordance to the will. She may be able to charge the estate a percentage for serving as executor, but this too varies by state.

  • Petulant

    This is becoming farcical. As a mother I get her supporters saying she is only trying to look after their kids. But come on, Scott may not have been Father of the Year but he loved his kids and would have had money put aside for them. That’s what the trust of “undisclosed amount” will be to. His kids. if for some crazy reason the trust isn’t for them, she has the legal avenue of contesting the will.

    As if Scott hadn’t changed his will since 2007! She may have been executor when they were married 8 years ago but not now. This just all reeks of getting at Jamie.