Scott Weiland Discusses Nirvana & STP Creating A ‘Youth Revolution,’ Regretting Heroin Use

Scott Weiland discussed Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots in a new interview with PureGrainAudio.

“I have a lot of great memories because it was a hugely exciting time for music. It was the last real musical movement that mixed rock music with a pop culture with socio-political ideologies.”

He added, “We knew that we were part of something special because there was a buzz going around and you could feel the electricity. I look back and our first album came out in ’92 and Nirvana’s Nevermind came out in ’91 so it was a really exciting time for music similar to, you know, when punk rock exploded or the musical revolution of the ’60s. It wasn’t just a musical movement though, it was a whole youth revolution.”

Weiland also said that he regretted trying heroin, “It was not a good thing to be around or involved in.”

Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland in 2013, and they are currently working on their seventh studio album with Chester Bennington. The band are set to hit the road in the fall.

STP Fall 2015 Tour Dates:
Sep 15 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
Sep 16 The Fillmore Detroit, MI
Sep 19 Shindig Festival Baltimore, MD
Sep 22 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH
Sep 23 Palace Theatre Louisville, KY
Sep 25 Myth Minneapolis, MN
Oct 25 Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Sacramento, CA

  • — J —

    By “STP”, does he mean “Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden”?

    STP were never seen anything other than pretenders, along with Candlebox, Bush, and Silverchair.

    Not that I necessarily agree, but he really shouldn’t speak of himself in their company.

    • You know who I am

      Nirvana, PJ, Soundgarden and AIC were the big 4 grunge bands, but I don’t think it’s fair to compare STP to bands like Candlebox, Bush or Silverchair.

      When “Core” was out, STP were bashed for being grunge wannabes and there were many comparisons with PJ, same way Bush or Silverchair were compared with Nirvana later, but I think STP proved to be a much better band than all the other grungelites bands, they have songs and albums that are way better than anything released by those other bands and I would say that are as good as the songs and albums released by the “big 4”.

      Weiland’s voice can sound like Vedder’s or Staley’s or even Cobain’s in certain songs, same way it can sound like Farrell’s or Morrison’s, he has an incredible voice range, and the music is similar to the music released by the big grunge bands, but I think STP have won a deserved place among the greatest bands of the last 25 years, closer to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Tool… than to bands like Bush, Candlebox or Silverchair (which are not that bad, but they are more second tier bands imo).

      • Eddie Yarler

        You are completely on point. STP has written classic, top notch material. Its why they still get radio airplay today and have a fanbase. They are a timeless band. I think its funny he mentioned Candlebox because technically speaking Candlebox is a Grunge band cause they are from fucking Seattle.
        I honestly don’t see how people can be so damn elitist with music? Bush, Candlebox, and Silverchair may not be on STP, AIC, or Pearl Jam’s level but man, there is some good stuff in there. Days of the New, Sponge, there are so many amazing 90s alternative bands that people will deliberately shit on because they think they are disobeying Kurt or Eddie by enjoying them its ridiculous.
        You’re right, instrumentally and lyrically STP is on a higher level than these bands but that doesn’t mean these bands are talentless.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    Absolutely STP was one of the biggest rock bands in the world. maybe around 1995. they were big band along with PJ and AIC.

    • Anonymous501

      I would say ’94. Up until then had a minor hit with Plush. It was Purple that launched their careers. That album was pretty damn good, and Interstate Love Song was all over the radio that year.

      It’s still on point though. They’re popularity hit a bit of Nirvana/PJ Then again so did Soundgarden’s. Superunknown really blasted of their careers and it was around the same time.

      • Unglued

        Really? Then how come Core is certified 8x Platinum and is their biggest selling album, while Purple was only certified 6x Platinum?

        • Eddie Yarler

          I don’t think he meant it negatively. I think he means STP’s success was cemented and propelled when Purple came out which would actually make sense cause the same thing happened with a few other bands. The sales just increased from Purple onwards.

  • FoxyHound

    Scott Weiland never created a thing.

    • Michael Warner

      Other than insanely huge rock songs in multiple decades with multiple bands that will be played on most radio stations for years and years and years to come. Not too many artists have this uncanny ability, other than the greats that i wont even mention, but I will mention his counterparts like Pearl jam who didnt do it, nirvana did it in two decades and chris cornell who somewhat did it. but with multiple Grammys to prove his stock…..he dosent need your opinion.

      • FoxyHound

        You mean hugely derivative and forgettable rock songs with one band and lent his voice to a much more talented band. He doesn’t need my opinion but apparently he needs your defense and, ooooh, some grammys!

        • Dom

          Safe bet that Scott has certainly accomplished much more in life than you ever will.

          • Shane99

            Foxy wears skinny pants, Buddy Holly glasses, and a neck beard. He can be ignored.

          • Dom


      • Eddie Yarler

        Don’t bother. He is just another one of those dated snobs who thinks every band that isn’t from Seattle from the 90s is a “pretended” or “imitator”.

        • Dom

          Snob isn’t the word that comes to mind regarding FH – more like smacks of massive insecurity and its criticisms are based on want of ownership.

    • JoelS

      Listen to the songs that aren’t alt radio staples. His sound is far more inventive than anything Eddie Vedder’s done. Not to diss on PJ because they’re a great band, but Scott is a lot more willing to stretch in different directions.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    I think Scott gonna brilliant when they released ‘Tiny Music’. also the era from Tiny to No.4, he showed really great vocal pitch. he is old now, but he still great vocalist. I don’t want to say ‘adore’, however do respect in some ways. I think it’s not the right moment when I see the quick-mouth user.

  • Pasta of Muppets

    There is no Dana, there is only Zool.

  • Chris Stefanidis

    StP were always more rock than grunge.. but i saw them in 93 .twas a good show..