Scott Weiland Cancels European Tour Dates

Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts have canceled their European tour, outside of one date. See the statement below.

“We regret to announce at this time that Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts will not be able to perform the upcoming UK and European dates tour dates scheduled for September/October 2015 with the exception of the show in London at The Garage on Sept 03rd which will stay in place. Scott and the band, along with management want the fans to know that this decision was not made lightly, but as it stood, the tour dates had far too many administration and production issues to overcome, and ultimately the fan experience would have been far below what Scott feels his loyal fans deserve. Again, we apologize to our fans and appreciate their understanding in this matter.”

  • — J —

    “too many administration and production issues” = Scott’s going to rehab.

    • — J —

      Or Scott’s out of money.

  • john connor

    no tickets sold, then?

  • Thelonious Funk

    Production and admin issues?! Yes, because Scott has most definitely been going full-tilt with the production at these dive bars he’s been forced to play. So he’d rather treat his fans to no show at all, rather than just go out there sober and put on a rip-roaring rock n’ roll show? You wouldn’t see, oh I don’t know, AXL ROSE doing this shot to his fans.

  • — J —

    This totally seems appropriate. LMFAO.

    • Thelonious Funk

      Nail, meet head.


    • Alternative Nation

      Got to admit I laughed out loud.

    • Chris

      Brilliant. Somebody tweet that to Rob Deleo.

    • JoelS

      As somebody who did pay to see Scott solo (and enjoyed the show) this is still pretty clever.

  • Poltergeist

    His new manager must not want to risk having to do more damage control after he slurs into meet & greets & tells his fans “let’s suck a dick and get this over with.” lol

    • JoelS

      Probably a smart move on management’s part. Don’t send Scott back out until he has his shit together.

  • GiV ty

    Scott Who?

  • Blueturtle


  • Raj

    That sounds like a less than 200% bs reason.

  • Ahiztalentless Hack

    betting not one person here even has a band; nevermind any talent. yeap – nothing like arm chair lackeys and hacks commenting on weiland.

    • Taintno Point

      Yep, notice how they ALL shy away from this comment. Not one with a band or a shred of talent. Sore loser wannabes. Betting not a shred of education or a nickel to rub together between the whole lot of them.

      • Chris

        I wonder how many Disqus profiles this fucking loser has created, just to defend a pop star.

        • Taintno Point

          I really don’t care about Weiland per se, but your level of anger and nastiness about the man speaks volumes…..about YOU…….and it isn’t flattering. Try a shrink to defuse your misdirected anger.

          • Chris

            I didn’t say anything about Scott Weiland, unless calling him a pop star is angry nastiness in your book.

            What a fucking freak LOL.

          • Thelonious Funk

            Boom + Taint Point + Ahiztalentless Hack = Shane 99

      • Thelonious Funk


    • Boom

      Boom has band. Boom old Rocker. Boom play Bass.
      That is all.

      Boom out!!

  • Art of Cashgrab

    This is heartbreaking. Literally dozens of fans will be disappointed!

  • Taintno Point

    What exactly IS the POINT of hammering at Weiland??? Seems too much time on your hands. How attractive. Why don’t you DO something worthwhile in life? Ah, nevermind. What a waste of DNA.


      Because its fun.

    • Chris

      It takes a special kind of idiot to waste their time on the internet criticising people for wasting their time on the internet criticising someone.

      Clearly you have nothing worthwhile to be doing yourself fanboi.

      • Taintno Point

        Looks like life’s no-talent dregs reside right here on this thread. Joe Average and his minions. Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t even waste my spit on average. Do yourself a favor and find someone on your own level to address. Couldn’t be more disinterested here.

        • Chris

          You are so disinterested you have created multiple Disqus profiles so you can tell yourself how right you are, and spend untold amounts of time telling people how not interested you are.

          What a fucking loser.

          • Taintno Point

            Try Anger Management. You’re about to infarct.

    • Eddie Yarler

      None really other than insecurity, and gloating. At the beginning of the year when everything was going smoothly for him these guys were nowhere to be seen. Now that he’s fucked up again they come out like the roaches they are. The funny thing is as much of a piece of shit Scott is, I’m willing to bet he’s more pleasant than the fuckers here who wait for a new article about him so they can talk shit.
      But honestly, i say this is a fan, how can one defend Scott Weiland? He brings it upon himself. On one hand its impossible to defend someone who keeps fucking up like Scott but on the other hand he’s lived the dream. He may have fallen hard but he made it to the top and succeeded twice, which is more than I can say for anyone here capitalizing on his failures to make up for their meaningless lives.

      • Thelonious Funk

        Wow, Yarler. Just…WOW. Double-talk much? Insecurity and gloating, and yet Weiland “brings it upon himself”

        The whole “you must be insecure” argument is hilarious every time. Please explain your reasoning behind that one

    • Thelonious Funk

      It’s un, that’s what it is. Stop being such a galoob


    Apparently the reason is because in the airport they realized that did not carry megaphones for the tour…

  • Billy

    Since Scott had to use the pre-sale money from this euro tour to buy all those megaphones that were just sent out, they can no longer afford to travel . lmao