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Scott Weiland ripped into his former Stone Temple Pilots bandmates in a new interview with AZCentral.

On his problems with STP: “Well, originally, before the whole STP thing blew up, I said, ‘Look, we need to take a break. We need to make an album. We’ve been playing the same (expletive) set for four years. Without a change. We’ve been watching ourselves go from playing 20,000-seat arenas to county fairs and 2,000-seat casinos.’ I said, ‘I will not sit around and destroy the brand of this band. I will not do it. Will not do it. We have to get in the studio and make new music.” That’s what we loved to do in the first place. We were artists. We were creators. They didn’t see things the same way. They had different management. Their managers, who are just basically booking agents, to put it lightly, they have no problem with STP and its legacy being destroyed. So they can say Guys From STP. But they’ve already done two bands and failed.”

On the DeLeo brothers: “You know, I don’t really think about it a lot. I think about how disrespectful they are, sometimes, in between a sip of coffee and a hit of my cigarette. I think about how selfish they are and how much it blows me away that after two times of trying this, they still think they have any opportunity of doing it without me. And it’s not me saying that I’m the greatest because you know what? I’m not. John Lennon. Paul McCartney. They are … better than I am. But as far as this band goes? The vision? The artistic direction of the band? And trying to keep them from sounding like Rush? I’m sorry. I have to be totally honest. It was me. I’m guilty. I kept them from doing it. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

  • cosmicatomic

    It’s getting good!!

    This makes NO sense! Scott claims he won’t destroy the brand of STP yet he charges on with his joke of a “Purple to the Core” tour and his merry band of amateurs?

    Scott also should think twice before calling people selfish considering his track record of bad shows and showing up late.

    As for his comment on how integral he is to the vision and artistic direction of the band….I guess the proof will be in the pudding of a new album with Chester Bennington.

  • scott

    No Scotty your selfish and disrespectful when you show up to a show late and wasted!

  • CLoDown

    Which is it Scott? Do u want a break or make an album? can’t do both at once…

  • the keeper

    Scotless Temple Pilots

    It ain’t STP without Weiland, and pretty soon nobody will care about STP with Chester.

    STP is not solely Weiland or solely the Deleos – it is Weland WITH the Deleos. Anything else is not the same band

  • Brett Buchanan

    Scott’s Rush line is brutal, hahaha.

  • CLoDown

    And judging from the rest of STP and “Out Of Time” guess the Deleo’s agreed with you, so I guess that’s not really the problem is it?

  • Dan

    Talk Show and AOA may have been commercial failures, but there’s reason to think that STP with Chester will be successful. #1-they are using the STP name and #2-Linkin Park is one of the most successful rock bands of the past ten years and CB will no doubt bring some new fans into the fold. And I say all this as someone who was never all that much of a LP fan.

  • Jake

    Scott Weiland calling people selfish, haahahaahhahahaha!!!

  • the keeper

    I don’t know what the Rush line is about considering I have heard literally nothing from any Deleo project outside of STP that sounds anything like Rush

    But I agree that he and the Deleos together make STP, not one without the other. Even if Scott is not the same singer he was in 1996 he is the lead vocalist of STP – no replacement dude will ever come close to what Scott did/does with STP

  • ed

    They wish they sounded even remotely similar to RUSH. If no Scott = sounding like RUSH, then kicking him out was their best decision.

  • Mawhonic

    I’m just confused on the part where he says that making new music is key, and fans get sick of the hits, but he still wants to revisit songs from Purple and Core, which has most of the hits.

  • mandingo

    WHAT A COCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lumisol

    No Scott = NO STP

    The Deleos are even crazier than Scott if they think having Chester in the band and still calling it STP is a good idea.

    Change the name or stop playing – Chester is horrid

  • Soctheo

    I actually think Scott’s comments are dead on. They really scaled down on the venues they played on their last few tours because of a lack of demand and buzz. A greatest hits setlist can only go so far. The Deleo’s know without the stp name that the project is going to attract zero attention.

    If Scott goes on tour under his own name and screws up that affects Scott only. He is not pretending to be stp. A general stp fan is not likely to attend a solo show. Scott is playing small bars and theatres and beyond a small group of fans, I doubt the general public is even paying attention to his tour. Stp going on without Scott is wrong and cowardly. I guess they don’t have enough faith to sell their music without the stp brand name.

  • the keeper

    Soctheo, your post is dead on. Great words and great points.

    No Scott = No STP

  • danny

    the line about Rush made my day. Thank you Scott. I’m with you.

  • Casper

    Regarding his Rush remark, I think that’s about not sounding the same every album.

    And Scott is an addict. And from what I gather still actively using. Addicts are notorious for blaming everyone but themselves. Scott needs to look in the mirror about why STP plays the same songs and smaller venues.

  • BillyL

    It is almost fascinating to read this. He is completely aware of every negative aspect of what happened with STP the past three years, but he has absolutely no idea why they happened. Is he full of shit or just fucking stupid?

  • Stew

    Scott is so on point. I saw STP 12 times while they were back together. The shows got progressively repetitive. The first show I saw was the infamous hour and a half late Holmdel show. Even with the lateness it was a great show. There was also 26,000 people there. Compared to when I saw them in September of 2012. The place was barely half full and most people left before STP started cause it was a festival. Scott may be late, he may be a drug addict(which I think is blown out of proportion), but the guys is a creative genius and top notch vocalist. Scott solo show in Glenside in November was better then the last 3 STP shows I saw and for only one reason. It was different. Variety is the spice of life.

  • ScottWisaDB

    To even mention RUSH in the same sentence as STP is a joke, let alone compare. Scott (and STP for that matter) couldn’t hold a candle to RUSH in any way, shape or form. Think of RUSH as the penthouse and STP as the porch of a trailer in a trailer park.

  • LOUD

    Probably every one of them is to blame for something in the breakdown of STP. And btw, if I go to a show, I’m there to see rock stars & rock out. Rock star behavior is part of it! A little late? High? Oh for fuck sakes, smoke a fatty, have a tasty beverage and make your own party while you listen to opening act(s) and wait for the headliner. If you can’t handle it, you don’t belong at a rock concert.


    I totally understand how Scott Weiland feels about Stone Temple Pilots legacy and true music impact on the whole 90s generation of alternative rock artists. He just wanted the band to progress and write better rock music each and everytime they put something out. But its funny how he says he wanted to prevent the band from sounding like Rush!!! Really?? Rush is a poor rock band in Scott’s eyes?? Didnt Rush just recently get inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame for 2013?? If anything, the Stone Temple Pilots could still have a chance at winning that award if they would just keep evolving their sound. With their new frontman, maybe a few good songs will come out of this but the overall feeling of the original grunge/alternative punk rock feeling to the Stone Temple Pilots is over. If they kept on making good albums after 2010s First Kiss On Mars, and continued on with a more progressive psychedelic-metal sound almost totally in the direction of Led Zepplin, Stepphenwolf and Van Halen and a little bit of Nirvana, they could of been a bigger rock band now than ever before. I say 60% of the fault with STP’s legacy is with Scott Weiland not keeping his commitment to the band and the other 40% of the fault is with Dean , Robert and Eric not wanting to write better music. Can you really listen to songs that almost sound like Crackerman, Interstate Love Song, Plush and Days Of The Week over and over?? Its time for everyone to come together, make amends and get THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS back in the air again 🙂 time to fly , time to rock ok people??

  • WeilandFreak

    I love seeing Scott perform He’s got a way about him that just Rocks It different then anybody! I remember when VR was looking to replace him, Chester was in that mix of names being thrown around and as I do recall He said he was a friend of Scott’s & wasn’t going to be getting in on that. Ya Chester you’re a real good friend pffffft anyways when I 1st heard a clip of the “new” STP singer & unaware of who it was I thought it was a women singing till the song got going. too funny cause I don’t mind the boys voice but I’m taking a fast pass on his run with this. He can’t hold a candle to it.


    The way Chester sounds, and how Stone Temple Pilots have been playing with him is the same way how Linkin Park should of sounded years ago. Forget the new rock-metal-rap stuff.




  • CJ

    Haha! Yeah Scott, get em!!! This is why I’ve been taking his back so hardcore for 20+ years…. MUSIC IS ART! F yeah Scott, hell f’ing yesssssss.

  • lilrockable

    This is all one massive meltdown. I respect Scott and I want him to be alright but he’s just as selfish as Hes claiming STP to be. He put both bands through so much shit they fired him. I don’t think the problem lies sorely in Scott but he plays a big role in it. Imagine how different STP would be today if Scott stopped drinking when he stopped doing heroin.

  • Zod

    I can see both sides of the argument:

    1) STP (minus Scott Weiland) didn’t have much success using other names (Talk Show, AoA). Not everyone gets to be Dave Grohl or Chris Cornell have multiple opportunities to be in big successful bands. Those guys put it in alot of work (much like my argument for AiC) and I think they deserve to earn a living from it. Can lightning strike twice, can they earn a decent living as a completely different band under a completely different band? Probably not.

    2) STP is Scott Weiland’s band as much as it it the other guys. It seems really odd to me that the other 3 guys can just take it over. I just finished watching the new season of arrested development and there’s running gags over “Rights” issues. Was STP that easily able to dissolve Scott’s rights to use the name? From a legal standpoint it doesn’t sit right with me. It feels like they stole it.

    I don’t really like Linkin Park so I’m not sure how I’d respond to a new STP album. I’m not sure why Scott doesn’t have a team of lawyers all over this. I would think a good lawyer would have had an injunction over the name until it gotta settled in court.

    It all seems really weird that they could do it without Weiland giving up his rights to use the name. At least Axl Rose had the forsight to fuck over his bandmates in order to get them to release their rights.

    I’m not sure Weilands idea of making a new album to have new songs to play would of worked. They haven’t made a quality album since number 4. They’ve been doing greatest hits setlists for long its a hard image to turn around. Pearl Jam spent a lifetime getting a reputation of having different sets everynight with a plethora of bsides and covers on the go. I don’t think you establish that repuation over night.

  • Ween

    Why don’t you say “Scotless Temple Pilots” one more time in case we missed it ‘the keeper’. I don’t think those of us in the way back caught it.

  • Ween

    It would take a much bigger, better man to admit how much he’s fucked up over the years and that he put himself where he is now. Nobody else. Him. Scott makes it clear he is not there yet, by any stretch.

  • LOUD

    I saw Scott front row in 2007 I believe it was. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. He is a star.

    Get the right team behind you and kick ass Scott! Now is the time to get hot hot hot!

  • Search and Destroy

    Don’t worry everyone, give it a few years. Chester will get bored with his side fling. Scott and the rest of the guys will make up. Christ it happens once every decade with those STP boys.

  • bakershaker

    Scott is the best at what he does. Chesty is not a rock legend like SW so the deo bros better get him back. Scott rocks the skinny jeans but chesty is a fake wannabe rock star. Reminds me of the movie with Tom Cruise and those baboons.

  • Aaron

    The Whole thing is just sad. I see both sides of the argument, but its clear that STP will have to deal with Chester until they can get in a room with Scott and talk this out. I’m sure this current incarnation wont last.

  • Dan

    I would much rather listen to STP than Rush, who bore the shit out of me, even if they are extremely gifted.

  • Monster Robert

    I am sorry to say Scott is the one that is selfish. He put both bands through so much shit and that is why got fired from both of them. He even though is a very sick man he needs to take look at himself in the mirror instead blaming other people.

  • Dreux

    I’m kind of surprised to say that I think he has some valid points, if what he is saying is true, of course. But the fact o the matter is he was unreliable. There’s no denying that. It was on him to keep this from happening.



    I THINK THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS WERE NEVER REALLY A ROCK BAND , HOW ABOUT THAT?? I think they were a bunch of CIA informants trying to spy on American kids listening to rock music 🙂

    For all we know, Scott Weiland could be a Russian spy

    hahaha 🙂

  • Susan

    I know what Scott is talking about not letting STP sound like mainstream rock, which is why they turned down as opening band for Aerosmith years ago. No one really knows what has transpired between the band in conversation over the years but obviously they’ve all been on different pages.
    Change the name of the band, it’s really creepy with Chester as the singer now – it just doesn’t work with the STP name. The lyrics Scott wrote years ago meant something to him personally, but definitely not to Chester.

  • shoegazer

    It would be sweet if STP sounded like Rush.

  • the keeper

    Rush is awesome

    Moving Pictures >>> every STP album ever

  • Susan

    Why would anyone want STP to sound like Rush? That’s exactly what they were trying to NOT sound like, mainstream, at least back in the 90’s. That is Scott’s only defense, though weak compared to what he’s done to the other band members.

  • Raj

    It’s too bad STP has become a soap opera with all this silly drama. The DeLeo brothers didn’t want to make a new album with Scott but rather tour and play greatest hits. Then they decide to fire Scott and replace him with a numetal singer and now want to make a new STP album. Talk Show and Army of Anyone were both short lived. CB keeps saying he’s going to be in both bands and doing a new LP album. Tough to juggle both, making a new STP album without Scott is just plain wrong.

  • Brett Buchanan


    They didn’t want to make another album or change the setlist with Scott because they didn’t think he was capable of doing it professionally due to his drinking. We posted a story here about it a few days before Chester was announced as the new singer.

  • Scott McLean

    Well, actually I don’t understand the Rush comment since Rush has about 40 great songs of some level of greatness to maybe 10 or 15 for STP, and if he’s referring to his singing vs. the singing of Geddy Lee well, it’s two different genres and I don’t want to get into that anyway. Geddy is obviously an all-around much better musician as a great bass player, vocalist, songwriter, and plays keyboards etc. so there’s no comparison. I do like Scott’s singing a lot though.

  • Scott McLean

    They’re both hard-rock bands but Rush is a progressive rock/hard-rock band and of course STP is a grunge/hard-rock band. I don’t know which band does the better soft songs and ballads.

  • Pingfah

    Well I guess Dave Coutts and Richard Patrick must be really good at making bands not sound like Rush as well then, cause neither of those albums sounded a fucking thing like Rush.

    They did sound quite a bit like STP though, albeit with less interesting singers.

  • ShaneC

    Rush is awesome.

    STP is Awesome. New STP is Awesome.

    Slash is fucking maggot.

    Scott should stop talking now. I have a feeling he’s going to fly off the handle on twitter or facebook soon.

  • Raj

    Brett Buchanan (author) yeah I saw that one. Hard to believe his drinking had gotten so out of control. Saw them in September the band sounded great, Scott’s vocals were strong and he looked healthy.

  • Secret Squirrel

    I’m glad that Scott is gone, the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will be as good as they were 20 years ago, they are the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS by the way, if alice in chains is alice in chains without Layne Staley, Who is a better singer than Scott, then STP is STP without that loser, @Raj, next time you jump down my throat about appreciating the classics of AiC remember that you do the same thing on every STP article, IT’S NOT DISRESPECTFUL TO CONTINUE THE BAND WHEN THE MEMBER ISN’T DEAD, IF HE GOT FIRED THEN ITS OK!!!! Alot of you people are whacked ill tell ya. This website is transforming into the hypocracyreport, heard the new single, sounds good never liked Linkin park but Chester has one hell of a voice, I think he will be a great asset for them for years to come. At least the Deleos are still around, they are the band.

  • Hoohah Hreh

    How is Scott’s current tour different from what the rest of STP wanted to do?

    There’s no denying Scott’s imprint on the band’s identity but there’s ample video evidence to suggest that the guy is just a complete mess.

    At some point, you gotta cut your losses and let the chips fall where they may.

    That said, I wish Scott’d take his head out of his rear end and act professional for a change.

  • bakershaker

    .@Scott McLean 40 Rush songs. More like 15 to mabey 20 and they sound like Getty is having his balls squeezed in a vice. But what ever floats your boat. Scott is the man when it comes to Lead Singers. Who cares about Rush there dream came true there in the Fake Rock HOF they didn’t care about but now are happy. Go figure those flakes. Even Cornell is a fake HOF want in now after heart got in. What a BS artist either you want it or not since there are so many great bands not in and non rock people in. Ah fuck it who cares.