Scott Stapp Rents Scott Weiland’s Tour Bus, Chester Bennington Reunites With STP

With Alternative Nation being down for most of last week, we missed some Stone Temple Pilots headlines. TMZ reported last week that former Creed frontman Scott Stapp had just started his solo tour in Nashville, and during one of his first days on the road someone found a Scott Weiland tour badge on board.

TMZ was told it didn’t take long for Stapp to connect the dots. Having struggled with his own drug issues, Stapp saw the bus coincidence as a “poignant reminder” about losing Weiland — who he admired — and about the dangers of addiction.

The rep says Stapp switched to a different bus a couple days later when he got to St. Petersburg, FL — not so much out of superstition, but because the Weiland factor just hit too close to home.

Stone Temple Pilots will reunite with Chester Bennington for a one off performance at ‘From Bach To Rock,’ an event to benefit Palos Verdes Peninsula public schools on March 26th at the Norris Theater and Pavillion in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Bennington is not back with the band permanently though, as they continue to audition new frontman. The band gave an update on their singer search on Facebook today:

“Hello everyone. In only 2 weeks we have received over 10,000 submissions. Thank you kindly.

We are continuing to view hundreds of submissions on a daily basis and there are several of you that we really dig.

We are excited about the talent and energy you put forth. All of you.

If any of you have been checking out some of the submissions we would love to know who stands out to you.

Give us your top 3.


Robert, Eric, Dean”

  • Billy

    at first i was creeped out, then i kinda got Stapp’s reasoning, but ultimately glad he got rid of the bus.
    too eerie

  • Jimmy Intense

    Man…could you imagine!? To think that Scott Stapp could have been dead on a Sunday morning if he had kept the tour bus and found some well-stashed cocaine courtesy of former resident junkie Tommy Crack. It could have gone downhill fast.

    Fortunately, he was able to take his mind to a higher place with arms wide open instead of succumbing to addiction and locking himself away in his own prison.

    No need for Scott to question what this life is for because he already knows: living.

  • Cam Geary

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  • Raj

    Did Scott Stapp rent out the tour bus Weiland died in? That’s kinda of creepy, kinda like buying a house in which people were murdered in. Also glad AN is back up and running!

  • Corndog

    Where can we check out the submissions? Did they open a Youtube page for this or something?