Scott Stapp Placed On Psych Hold After Reported Steroid & Coke Binge

TMZ has obtained a Madison County Florida Sheriff’s Dept. report which says deputies found Scott Stapp on the side of a road on November 13th and he appeared wasted, incoherent and rambling that someone was trying to poison him. Cops placed him on a 72-hour psych hold. This took place before Stapp’s recent internet videos.

Jaclyn Stapp, Stapp’s estranged wife who filed for divorce, filed legal documents claiming that Stapp was on a drug binge fueled by steroids, weed, cocaine, PCP, Special K, and crystal meth. She also said Stapp threatened to kill himself and his AA sponsor, and feared that his kids would get attacked by ISIS. Stapp has released three videos this week proclaiming that he is sober and that reports of a relapse are incorrect, and that all of his money has been stolen from him.

Stapp’s first video came earlier this week, after his wife filed for divorce claiming he had relapsed. Stapp opened by saying he is sober, and not dead. “Right now, I’m under some kind of pretty vicious attack, I still haven’t figured out the reasons why, except that about 8 weeks ago I began an audit of not only my record company, but my personal finances. During that audit, a lot of things were uncovered. A lot of money was stolen from me, and royalties not paid, and that’s when all hell began to break loose.”

Stapp discussed his relationship with God, and said he ‘forgives’ the people trying to discredit him, and that he ‘prays for them every day.’ Stapp said to his doubters, “I am not going to stop seeking legal action against these individuals, there’s nothing you can do to me that is going to make me stop.”

Stapp also said the IRS has frozen his bank account to leave him completely broke. He said the IRS told him it was an ‘address mixup’ and he’d have his money back in 9 months. Stapp said, “My civil rights have been violated.”

Stapp claimed he has lost his home, and had to sleep in his car before finding a hotel room. “Right now I’m living in a Holiday Inn, by the grace of God, because there’s been a couple of weeks where I had to sleep in my truck. I had no money, not even for gas, or food. I went 2 days without eating, because I had no money, I ended up in an emergency room.”

“I must admit I’ve shed a few tears alone, asking God why. But I know he has a purpose.”

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut Whip

    Whip believe the Stapp tell the truth. Drug no make the man raving lunatic with no the reason. I know 2 sides there are to the story but Whip no wish the bad on Scott Stapp. The Whip has the room spare for the Stapp if he come. The Whip bring the Stapp back into fighting form with melodies from the acoustic– the Whip no play the Creed. Stapp be the Whip new puppet and make the money from the new project.

    Whip out!

    • Blake Bettorf

      This is the greatest thing I’ve ever read.

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