A fan posted this on the forum:

saw mark last thursday in budapest…great gig…he played hangin tree at the end…there is a european tour poster on sale at the gigs…unsigned not numbered numbered…the signed and numbered are from justin hamptons website…two versions really nice…i asked if had anything to do with new qotsa album…he said he wrote some lyrics but that he has heard several songs and says it is good

new song with duke garwood coming out soon

mark will start working on new album in january

will see him on sunday in heidelburg

According to the post, Lanegan has written some lyrics for the new Queens of the Stone Age album and has heard several new Queens songs. Lanegan’s project with Duke Garwood has already been announced, and that album is set for release in 2013. Also, according to the post, Mark will start working on a new solo album in January 2013.


  • Andrei

    Goddamit. He was in Budapest and I missed it.


  • KurtCobain

    no way, we want dave grohl back and play the sax

  • Jay

    I’m all for it, but this is according to one anonymous fan who had how many drinks during the show?

    Can we get a more reliable source to say the same thing? That’s when I get happy…

  • Raj

    Mark Langegan’s duet with Kurt Cobain on backing vocals for ‘Down in the Dark’ is pretty awesome.

  • patrick

    i hope this rumor is true im a fan of mark lanegan music i bought every screaming trees album listed on wikipedia and a screaming trees t-shirt from ebay i enjoyed screaming trees because i like the psychedelic grunge metal sound i grew up listening to grunge and hippie music and rock and metal music i hope mark lanegan keeps making more music it would be a shame if he quit making music i will even pay money for it he’s a pro at making good music i listened to screaming trees and mark lanegan music for so many hours

  • bon3z

    i would give away my left testicle just to hear Mark singing on the new QOTSA. And the new Mad Season songs… too good to be true

  • tenbob

    Is this not exactly the same news and link I posted here yesterday Paul?

  • Mia

    I’m all for a new solo album. The Christmas thing was a nice bonus though and now he’s working with all of these other people as well. How does he find time to do so much stuff?

  • Concrete

    these young adult ears are delighted to hear of new solo album in 2013.

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