This is from an anonymous comment on GrungeReport about Alice In Chains’ new album, I checked out the guy and he’s actually commented on here before and doesn’t seem like a troll type, but take this for what it’s worth:

they already got a lot recorded…i am associated with a studio in which they have already worked with plenty in the past couple months

  • GrungeAttack

    Can’t wait.

  • Electric Fun

    i hope that’s true

  • RickDeckard

    Jerry Cantrell, Chris Cornell and Dave Grohl are doing a Dio tribute album. I work at a big studio in LA. It’s true. This guy you’re quoting is a phony.

  • John

    Come on Brett how can you make a ” news ” from this ?

  • chrissycornelly

    bretts just preparing us for the bullshit that the band itself will probably put its fans threw by delaying the fuck out of the album like soundgarden did, but we cant confirm that shit will happen either so except this piece of news because there cant be a possible way that they havent recorded jack shit yet.

  • Louderthanshit333

    I work in a studio with Alice in Chains and they’re new album is entitled “Dirt 2”

  • Luke


  • Pseudonym Withheld

    I loved Black Gives Way to Blue, so I am very anxious to hear this new album!

  • Lennart

    And i’m mike and the album after this album will be titled : don’t spread bullshit on the internet Louderthanshit333

  • Sickwit_it

    I work as an intern for dave grohl. He said Alice in chians new album sucks so far. and that Sean Kinney is quitting the band and gonna work at a seattle starbucks

  • Kris

    IF in fact it’s entitled “Dirt 2” I have to say that I would be pissed and it’s because I feel like the whole “Dirt” days were with Layne and Mike Starr and that music and era can’t be replicated.

    I will, however, say that if the new album is anything like BGWTB, I will be incredibly happy – that was some awesome music!

  • Louderthanshit333

    Lol can’t believe anyone took me seriously, I was just making fun of the other two who did it.

  • dj

    I could accept them as a live band playing old songs, but I don’t even consider their new albums. Alice In Chains is Layne-Jerry-Mike-Sean

  • Dreux

    I think of BGWTB as the beginning of a second life for AiC. I really don’t think of it as their 4th album, but as their second debut album, if that makes any sense.

  • Jez

    That’s fucked up that they’re calling it ‘Dirt 2’, those days have been already and were great but the band needs to focus on the future…

  • GodAm

    Wait??? Have I missed something?they’re calling the new album Dirt 2?!? Where did this info come from? Source please

  • GrungeAttack

    Dirt is the shit! All about getting fucked up on drugs cool stuff right kids>??>?>?>?>?????

    Now go back to your make believe names of alice in wonder lands new album.

    I say Coke-Meth Mechanical self injector cleaner bomb!! Who a is a with me on that one! friends of DumbAsDirtReport.Nuts

  • chicago_animal

    Hope they tour with a NEW SETLIST!

  • GrungeAttack

    I’m sorry, I forgot I read this post already. I’m just so fucking excited to check out this new album.

  • Aaron

    Funny how they have recorded material when Inez was just interviewed and said they are just beginning studio sessions – I call bullshit on this source.

  • kimberly

    hahahahaha guys, he was kidding about it being called “dirt 2” – don’t read it literally, fools.

  • Aliceinchainhead

    its actually called Blackguy gives way to blue!……Duval came up with this title!

  • John

    So fucking funny how everybody believes the ” Dirt 2 ” thing . Are you fucking retarded or something ?

  • dakotablue

    since Layne is not involved I can’t bring myself to give a shit