Roundtable Discussion On 2013 Albums Part 3: Dave Grohl’s Sound City, Kings of Leon, Filter & Atoms for Peace

We left off on Part 2 with Arcade Fire, and third (and final) part picks up with the Sound City soundtrack as reporters Brett Buchanan, Mike Mazzarone, Riley Rowe, and Doug McCausland offer their ‘expert’ analysis in a Charlie Rosesque roundtable discussion on 2013’s alternative rock albums.


Brett: Alright moving on from hipster land.

Mike: Lol.

Brett: Out of Brooklyn, back to our older favorites. Sound City.

Mike: Aka “back to our comfort zone”

Doug: I refuse to listen to that anymore for reasons that I don’t think should be said on a website that everyone can read.

Brett: This sounds interesting.

Riley: Yeah wow wow, what?

Brett: I smell hits.

Doug: It’s pretty gross.

Brett: Did Dave Grohl fuck your Mom?

Mike: Did Corey Taylor kick your dog?

Doug: Hahaha no.

Riley: Did uhm Paul McCartney sext you?

Brett: If so that’d already be on the site. Sex sells. HITS.

Mike: Did Rick Springfield send you a death threat?

Mike: Yes Brett we know you have a traffic fetish.

Riley: Out with it boy.

Doug: I’ll just say I had bowel control problems when that album came out and now I have conditioned myself to think I will explode if I hear it.

Riley: Oh…

Brett: You seriously haven’t heard it?

Doug: Nah in all seriousness I liked most of it.

Brett: I liked Cut Me Some Slack, it’s not the greatest track of all time but has a jammy feel to it.

Mike: The Man That Never Was was typical 80s hair fluff.

Brett: NIRVANA did a great job on Cut Me Some Slack.

Doug: Standout tracks to me were “Time Slowing Down”, “Your Wife Is Calling”, “Mantra.”

Brett: Boy, isn’t it great having NIRVANA back.

Mike: And even though people say “From Can To Can’t” was too long of a song it was a FANTASTIC song.

Brett: Mantra is great. I love Reznor’s hook at the end.

Riley: Their smiles at the end of the live video is so cute.

Mike: That’s the kind of rock croon I like. Mantra is a stand out. No doubt about that.

Brett: My favorite track is the Alain Johannes, Homme, and Grohl one a A Trick With No Sleeve. Catchy as hell riff and melody.

Doug: Why did Stevie Nicks have to fuck everything up

Riley: Because she’s 93 years old.

Mike: NEVER liked Stevie Nicks, OR Fleetwood Mac.

Brett: Stevie Nicks is a legend, shut the fuck up.

Mike: The old hag sounds like a goat

Brett: You sound like a goat.

Riley: Let’s hear you sing, bubba.

Mike: Sorry all I heard was BAHHH BAHHH BAHHH

Doug: Nooo I like Stevie Nicks, but she sounds bored.

Brett: I got chills when Nicks and Grohl performed Landslide at my Sound City show.

Mike: I’m not admitting to being a singer but her voice is just so jarring

Brett: Nicks is one of the greatest female rock singers of all time. Whether you liked the Sound City song is subjective.

Doug: She is undoubtebly, but I just don’t like the studio version of the song.

Mike: I respect what she’s done. Just not a fan.

Riley: I think she’s just maybe a bit past her prime. A legend? Sure. Old? definitely.

Brett: Maybe Taylor Momsen should have sung on the soundtrack.

Mike: Now that would have sold more albums.

Riley: I prefer the movie over the soundtrack.

Mike: NEVER saw the movie honestly.

Doug: So would Sound City make our top list?

Brett: I love the film. I don’t know, we’ll think about it.


Brett: Let’s talk Filter. The Sun Comes Out Tonight.

Doug: I like a number of songs.

Brett: To me it’s the best of the Filter comeback records. Much better production.

Mike: HEY, HEY! WHAT DO YOU SAY! Love that record. That band is so energetic live, Filter live really match their songs.

Brett: What Do You Say is Patrick’s best song since 2002.

Riley: Why does everyone like Surprise? I don’t hear anything special.

Brett: Catchy song, but I prefer First You Break It out of the pop ones.

Doug: I like it. It’s catchy.

Mike: Well it’s a good song but it isn’t an ultra intense song like What Do You Say. Surprise to me is a throwback to Take A Picture.

Doug: I liked the album but its nothing to write home about.

Riley: Self Inflicted and Take That Knife Out of My Back are the butt-kickers of the album.

Brett: Overall though solid album especially for how many albums in they are. Though Title of Record will likely always be my favorite Filter album.

Mike: No one else thought of “Take A Picture” when listening to Surprise? That’s really surprising (no pun intended…really) to me.

Doug: Richard called it a sequel at the Starland show.

Mike: I remember that.

Riley: Only because there was an acoustic guitar. I just heard nothing memorable about it.

Mike: It’s Patrick showing that he can write softer songs as well as his ass kicking harder ones.


Doug: Well, one of Mike, Riley and I’s favorite albums of the year is Middle Class Rut’s “Pick Up Your Head”

Riley: Oof, great front to back!

Brett: I believe I heard the lead single but not the full album.

Mike: Oh. Middle Class Rut. They are such an underrated band.

Doug: They’re pretty much as popular as any hard rock band can become nowadays.

Riley: I still need to beef up that interview I did with them.

Mike: Aunt Betty is so Jane’s Addiction though it’s not funny. Not saying that’s a bad thing though.

Riley: I told em that! and they denied it!

Doug: Very Janes and Rage influenced.

Mike: Now listening to the album I hear Rage. But it’s an underrated album from an underrated band. I hope they only get bigger. From front to back, a wonderful listen.

Doug: Sean Stockham is my favorite modern drummer.


Mike: If we are talking about new artists then let’s talk about our other Modern Rock darling – Kings of Leon and “Mechanical Bull”

Doug: I liked the single Temple

Mike: Not only Temple but Supersoaker, the lead single is just such a catchy, radio single. And rockin’ as well, very bluesy in a way

Brett: I’ll be honest another band where I just listen to the singles. I like their singles but I just don’t have time to listen to every new album. You never know when Billy Corgan is going to take a shit. I’m very focused on my reporting.

Mike: That’s Brett in a nutshell. I just really like Followill’s voice.

Doug: I’m in the same boat. I know they’re friends with Eddie Vedder.


Brett: Let’s talk about Noiseheads 1994. If you guys listened.

Doug: Love that album.

Brett: It’s an indie album but let’s give them some promotion here.

Doug: If we covered all the obligatory stuff lets talk about new artists.

Mike: Never heard.

Riley: Ooh loved it. But I’m afraid they’re barking up the old tree.

Doug: Noiseheads sound retro without ripping anyone off.

Brett: I think Nick’s got a lot of promise and can write a good catchy rock song.

Riley: It’s great! But, maybe the grunge sound should left in the 90’s.

Brett: For his next release though I hope he steers away from Grunge and evolves, which I’m sure he will. Anyways, Annie was my favorite song off of 1994.

Brett: Now let’s talk about the band that saved rock and roll this year. Of course, I’m talking about Fall Out Boy, who released ‘Save Rock and Roll.’


Mike: I’m not gonna lie.

Brett: Gentlemen, you have permission to light em up.

Doug: Mike, shut up.

Mike: There is ONE song out of that album I enjoy.

Doug: Let me guess, the lead single?


Mike: Light Em Up. Yeah. I got into it because they played it during the NHL playoffs non stop
It’s a really catchy song. Can’t deny that.

Brett: Jesus.

Mike: Devils used it for opening night. I’m not saying I’m a FOB fan. I hate most of their shit and listening to the album most if not all of the other stuff isn’t great

Doug: DISCLAIMER: Mike Mazzarone’s opinions do not reflect those of

Mike: But that one song is an entertaining, guilty pleasure.

Doug: Then that Panic! At the Disco song came out that sounded almost identical.

Brett: Mike, thnks fr the memories you’ve given me with your review of that song.

Doug: I wanna drink bleach whenever Safe and Sound by Capital Cities plays.

Mike: Oh fuck you. That’s a great song.

Brett: Mike likes Imagine Dragons too. Imagine Silence.


Mike: There is nothing wrong with Imagine Dragons. Radioactive is one of the better songs to come out of 2013 (out of bands we don’t cover).

Doug: Speaking of Imagine Dragons, I want everyone to check out Nico Vega, who is fronted by Imagine Dragons’ frontman’s wife. She rocks so much harder than he does.

Brett: Radioactive sucks Scott Stapp balls.

Mike: Go ride Scott Weiland’s dick.

Brett: You’re the one who almost went to his solo show this year, not me.

Mike: I would have gone for the cluster. Too bad it was actually an organized show. Haha.

Riley: Radioactive’s just overplayed is all.


Doug: I just grabbed the new Arctic Monkeys. Cool record. Arabella reminds me of Sabbath.

Mike: New Arctic Monkeys is great. I might see them in Brooklyn.

Brett: I like the Arctic Monkeys single, but I’m looking for something a bit more uptempo, anything like that on the album?

Doug: Just has a really dark vibe overall.

Brett: I’ll admit I haven’t heard the full thing.

Mike: I’m shocked.

Brett: They’re a band with potential though. Unlike Imagine Silence.

Mike: Give ID a chance. Tons of bands are overplayed.

Doug: They’ve been relevant for about eight years so I think they’ve already reached it.

Mike: Do I Wanna Know is a great track. I’d love to see AM covered in the near future.


Brett: Did anybody listen to Atoms for Peace? I didn’t. We really are no Rolling Stone…

Doug: Nope.

Mike: I did. It sucked. That’s my review. Lmfao.

Brett: MAGIC MIKE- “It sucked.” Put that on Metacritic.

Mike: It was pretentious garbage. If you disagree then your opinion is wrong. Sorry bubs.

Riley: Saw em on Stephen Colbert.

Brett: I hope we’re not burning interview bridges. To any publicists reading this: we love the band you represent, we’re just shooting the shit with our stupid opinions.

Mike: I saw them on Colbert too. I fell asleep with mini tacos in my mouth

Brett: A nightly occurrence.

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