Rock & Roll Hall of Fame President Talks Nirvana Reunion, Chad Channing Snub & KISS Controversy

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame President Joel Peresman discussed the 2014 Ceremony in a new interview with ahead of the airing of the show on HBO tonight.

Peresman said the Nirvana reunion performance came together pretty late in the game, “That came down relatively late. I think their camp really had the idea. I think that when they first thought of Kim Gordon, who was a friend of Kurt, and someone who they really had a lot of respect for, that kind of took them down that path, where they said, ‘Instead of trying to get some guys to replicate what Kurt did, let’s stay on this path, we can get some women who are phenomenal performers and phenomenal rock singers,’ and they really delivered.”

He also discussed the controversy over certain KISS members and Nirvana’s Chad Channing not being inducted, “Whether it’s KISS or whether it’s Nirvana, or any other act, there’s people on the nominating committee who nominate the act, and there’s also people that we go to who are scholars and who know that genre of music. And when you go to them and you say why is this band being inducted and who should be inducted [from the band’s lineups] and who are the artists who made this band what it was, it was really just the three guys who were inducted for Nirvana. And the same thing with KISS. It was the original four. Granted, they had other people play with their band, they’ve had big success with tours, but there’s a reason they got inducted and the reason is, those four guys.”

He added that Channing likely wouldn’t have gotten in even if KISS hadn’t been complaining over certain member not getting inducted, “No, I don’t think [he’d have gotten in]. This isn’t an exact science. But you really have to go to the people you trust who have strong opinions, and are very deep and knowledgable on certain genres of music, whether it’s Nirvana or KISS or the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. You have to go with people who know the subject matter and you get those opinions and you make those decisions. It’s not going to always please everybody all the time, but it’s as “right” as we can be.


    That whole statement by Joel Peresman is pretty much the the biggest load of crap I’ve heard in a long, long time. “This isn’t an exact science.” No sh*t. It’s a bunch of guys applying a sh*t ton of self-importance on their opinions on different rock bands. Not to take away from Nirvana and what they achieved, because they deserve every award and honor bestowed upon them, but the R&RHOF is a strange, fickle joke of an organization with their own little rules and regulations. I don’t know who would take them too seriously. Who made these guys the f*cking authority on anything related to rock music?

    • nomad

      I agree. It is a silly organization.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    Is there any special theory of rock music before? Finally it was matter of fans who said they were right. Self masterbation.

    • God

      I am raw right now!

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    Just respect one’s opinion. That’s all.

  • Raj

    Channing’s contributions on Bleach shouldn’t be overlooked, but again they are not nominated for Bleach. The three guys that made Nirvana were Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. It sucks for them but then you would have to induct everyone else too and the Hall isn’t going to bother with that. Same goes for Pat Smear and Dale Crover.

    • God

      If they are overlooking Bleach, then Nirvana should have been inducted in 2016. Don’t be a clown Raj

      • Raj

        They aren’t overlooking Bleach, they get inducted 25 years after the debut album. 2016, hell no they changed the musical landscape and deserve to be in the first time they were eligible. You sir are the clown for not knowing how it works.

        • God

          You are contradicting yourself. You 1st say, ” They are not being nominated for Bleach.” Nevermind came out in 91, do the math Raj! Yahtzeeeee! I just made you my biotch!!

          • Raj

            The RRHOF isn’t based on any album, no artist gets in for the album it’s the body of work overall. The criteria states the artist is eligible 25 years from the debut album. You think the RRHOF inducts people based on their debut album. Give your head a shake, you wish you could do math. The album is irrelevant here, so you are my biotch!

    • Hwang Sunghyeop

      I think they might thought Nirvana should be inducted HOF fame because of anything they should think. For some reason Nirvana is the most famous rock band to new generation and old generation. So why not?

  • Mike Ratherson

    Red Hot Chili Peppers had just about every person who ever played in the band including new guitarist Josh inducted when he was in the band only about 2 years at that point. But they snubbed Dave Navarro who was in the band 5 years & who’s album sold over 2x as much. The R&RRHOF has baffling double standards for which members they induct and are accountable to no one, even the bands.

    • Anthony Coro

      For RHCP, they only inducted the first and current lineups, plus Frusciante. Navarro was hardly the only snub. In that sense, not inducting Chad Channing is at least consistent but it’s a little unfair to minimize his contributions to the band’s early days. That said, nobody outside the HoF committee seems to really take it seriously, so who really cares that their name isn’t immortalized on a little plaque?

  • God

    25yrs after debut album, then you can walk into the Hall, Bleach came out 25 yrs ago…….who the hell was the drummer? doooch bag

  • Jeanne Rose

    When they induct AIC in the next couple years, they better include MIKE STARR, because While Inez is great, Starr is what made AIC and DIRT what it was! ….Along with NOT including Duvall b/c he is NOT what made AIC.

  • Daniel Ferguson-Maltzman

    You don;t have to be a “scholar” to know that Channing should have been inducted with Nirvana and Eric Carr and Bruce Kullick and maybe Eric Singer should have been inducted with KISS.

  • Bill Austeh

    Don’t believe the hype!