Richard Patrick Recalls NIN Exit: ‘Are You F***ing Telling Me That I’ve Got To Get A Job As A Pizza Boy?’

In another Alternative Nation exclusive excerpt from my book, ‘Survival of the Fittest: Heavy Metal in the 1990’s,’ is a colorful quote from Filter/ex-Nine Inch Nails member Richard Patrick, who recalls when he realized it was time to exit NIN, and head out on his own:

“I was already being courted by five labels, and Trent was paying me like, 400 or 600 bucks a month. I was like, ‘Dude, you’re driving a $400,000 Porsche.’ What kind of ended it was the manager called me up and he was like, ‘Hey Rich, we know you’re not coming to the studio enough and maybe you’re working on your own thing or something. But just want to let you know, there’s a pizza shop that needs a driver, and it’s right down at the end of Cielo Drive. You’ll make some extra money, and you’ll learn about responsibility, so you don’t have to be such a crazed lunatic.’ And I’m like, ‘Wow. Are you fuckin’ telling me that I’ve got to go get a job as a pizza boy, when Trent is driving a $400,000 car, when he’s living in the Sharon Tate mansion, which is $25,000 a month rent? Are you fuckin’ kidding me?’ And they were serious!”

Soon after, Patrick formed Filter, and scored a big hit with the track “Hey Man, Nice Shot.”

You can read an entire chapter from the book here (which recounts how guitar solos nearly vanished from rock music by the mid ’90s), another excerpt here (in which Scott Weiland discusses the affect of Kurt Cobain’s death), and find ordering info for the paperback/Kindle versions here, and the Nook version here.

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  • Philippe Gaudet

    That is definitely an interesting story. Not very nice from Trent and the manager, really…

  • Dr. Catfish

    What this article fails to mention is that John Malm Jr, Trent’s Manager at the time, has been convicted of fiduciary wrong doing. I’m not saying Trent was a boy scout back then, but John was shady as hell and eventually stole millions from Trent and presumably the rest of the band members. I met John in the 90’s and could tell he was shady as hell from a 3 minute conversation. But also, Richard sounds like he is whining. He’s good, but he’s no TR. I liked his pop songs…and he hopefully was compensated accordingly for them. Richard and Trent seemed to have buried the hatchet… this is merely 90’s click bait sensationalism.

    • Philippe Gaudet

      Interesting stuff nonetheless.

  • Wam Meesly

    I also recall a recent conviction of Malm for stealing a large amount of NIN money. While $600 per month seems low by today’s standards, adjusted for inflation it is $1150. While still not very much money, keep in mind that RP’s involvement in NIN was from 1989-1993, between Pretty Hate Machine and before Downward Sprial. Its likely NIN was not making the amount of money it does currently, but also, what was the going rate for a touring guitarist back then? Its not like RP was a full member of NIN. Anyway, what Porsche has cost $400k ever?


    well thats rude!

    I mean…Richard Patrick wrote a lot of NIN songs!…


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  • Thelonious Funk

    This is pretty much old news, tbh. Brian Liesegang — who was also in Camp NIN and hugely talented — was released in a similar manner. Would have been neat to see how the two could have contributed to The Downward Spiral, but a year later they were releasing Short Bus, which is still a dark, awesome record 20 years later

    Rumor has it Brian will be working with Rich on the new Filter album. That should make for some interesting shit!

  • johnny b. goode

    Hmmm, poor Mr. Patrick apparently has gone and applied what he learned from this experience to his own multiple band-mates throughout the many years and ripped them all off the same way. Having known him personally for a long time I can confidently say he has been no better than Trent’s former manager was to him. You’d think this experience would’ve made him a better man but unfortunately not. As soon as a member asks for more money he boots them out the door. Look at the looonnnggg list of former Filter members. It’s all about Richie and no one else. Monkey see, monkey do..

    (plus the other post below is right: I’ve never heard of a Porsche costing anywhere near $400,000 in my life. Go to hell bud, and take your super-liberal views with you)

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