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You have Filter up and running again and you have a new album The Trouble With Angels. We’ll get to that in a minute. A couple of years ago you put together a band called Army of Anyone with Robert and Dean DeLeo and drummer Ray Luzier. Why is that band not active today?

We put that band together and we put a lot of time an energy in it. When it came we looked at each other and said “alright then that was that.” We got busy with the bread and butter of our careers; Ray went on to join Korn, the DeLeo brother reconnected with Scott Weiland and got Stone Temple Pilots together and I got Filter active again.

Army of Anyone was a really great experience, it really was. In my opinion it might have taken too long…you have to realize it was four years of our lives. In retrospect I think had we gotten in the studio and knocked it out quickly it might have taken off. Instead it became this laborious project that was released and we tour behind for eight weeks and that was it. In the end Filter is my musical legacy and I’m glad to be back

  • Riley R

    Filter & army of Anyone are really underrated bands

  • Recluse

    Their record wasn’t amazing, but the songs that were good were amazing.

  • suicidal_crybaby

    rich patch…ant been crap since short bus.. what does he know

  • suicidal_crybaby


  • suicidal_crybaby

    i meant rich pat sucks.. cover same nin.. same era

  • Casper

    so because you weren’t initially successful you drop the project? quitter.

  • Aaron

    I wouldn’t say Rich was out of the loop, yes Filter’s new stuff isn’t as great but Short-bus,Title or Record, and the Amalgamate were great records. Title Of record was their best, everybody knows take a picture but the other 10 songs on the album are amazing and some of the heaviest stuff rich and co. have done. I urge naysayers to take another listen to the back catalog then comment. He’s capable of good work. Army of anyone was also a nice release as well.

  • Andrew

    Army of Anyone was UNREAL. STP is great but I would see an AoA concert over STP anyday!