REVIEWS FROM STONE TEMPLE PILOTS SHOW ON FRIDAY IN AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND posted a review of Stone Temple Pilots’ first ever show in Auckland, New Zealand and here are some user comments from their website:


I had the best night ever at this concert last night. HLAH were a good opening act but STP’s blew me away. Their perforance was amazing. First time at Vector and found the whole experience to be a positive one. Lovely staff and a great venue. I wondered why there didnt seem to be long lines, and when HLAH was playing there was harly anyone there???


Scott and the boys definitly delivered last night – at some points I do believe that the weariness of this being their last show on the tour showed through – but never the less a stunning concert with an excellent mix of old and new tracks (let’s face it many of us there were gunning for the old stuff)

Best comment of the night from Weiland: “I’m glad you defeated the Orks”

Luv ya Scott – come back soon


Best concert I have seen. Ever. Highlights for me were Still Remains, Dancing Days & Silvergun Superman. A night I will never forget!