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That was awesome. Such a great show. Ed loved the crowd cause for the most part they [we] were respectful. He hinted something about the cameras and after that there were a limited number of flashes seen. Awesome setlist and awesome poster. I was happy to get there in time to get a poster and shirt and get them both back to my hotel before the show. I’m so happy I got to go all the way from NJ.

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Great show. Eddie was in a good mood tonight! He was as giddy as a little kid up there, joking with the audience and really getting into the music. He told the story of how he accidentally locked himself out of a hotel room when he was half naked, and had to go down to the front desk to get let back in. :lol: He also told a story about how he used to go to the Chicago Theatre “back in the days when it was a s—hole, and I was a s—head”. :lol:
IMMORTALITY. Need I say more? I was so stoked to hear that live.
I had never heard Glen Hasard before, he was a fantastic opening act. Oh, and to the guy to yelled that rude comment at Glen when he was in the middle of a really sad story: next time, do us all a favor and skip the opening act (and the whole concert while you’re at it).
Special thanks to +TremoR_ChrisT+ and his 2 friends for buying me a beer before the show. :mrgreen:
Can’t wait until tomorrow night!