Review & Setlist From Chris Cornell Show In Red Bank, NJ

Sadly, due to an unexpected strict anti-photography rule, I couldn’t get any pictures or videos of the show, but hopefully some emerge online.

Cornell put on an awesome show last night in Kevin Smith’s territory of Red Bank, New Jersey, at the Count Basie Theatre. Being my first Cornell show, I never expected him to be as chatty and joking with the audience as he was; when the lights went down and Chris emerged to the stage, many people were still being let in, so Chris said “Well, I can just hang out here”, and he laid sprawled out on the equipment as the lights went back on. When the crowd was finally settled, Chris launched the show with Audioslave’s “Doesn’t Remind Me”.

“Cleaning My Gun” was introduced as being about being depressed after losing a woman close to you, leading to you going home to accidentally shoot yourself in the face while “cleaning your gun”. He then went on a tangent about suicide, saying that shooting yourself is “weak” and that getting on you motorcycle and driving it over a bridge would at least make a better story. When introducing “Original Fire”, Chris said the song was an ode to the Seattle grunge scene’s young and ambitious days, specifically namechecking Green River, Andy Wood’s Malfunkshun, and Pearl Jam; the song led into a rendition of Pearl Jam’s “Footsteps” from the “Jeremy” B-side.

Chris did a really bluesy rendition of “Outshined”, telling a story of how an internet critic blasted him in 2011 or so for performing the song acoustically, more or less saying [Chris] can’t do that. Calling it a case of “reverse psychology”, the song then became one of Chris’s favorites to perform live. When introducing “Seasons”, Chris spoke of the song’s use in the recent Superman film Man of Steel, considering how he has an eight year old son who loved the movie, which would make his friends jealous/in awe that their friend’s father is featured in it.

Cornell’s current tourmate, Sri Lankan-American singer songwriter Bhi Bhiman, joined Chris on stage for an amazing rendition of Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike” that received a massive response from the audience, though some in the audience booed Bhi for “not being Eddie Vedder”. Bhi stuck around for the next three songs; Audioslave’s “Like a Stone”, and what appeared to be impromptu versions of Led Zeppelin’s “Tangerine” and The Eagles’ “Hotel California”. Bhi received a standing ovation as he left the stage.

After an amazing rendition of “Blow Up The Outside World” which made heavy use of a looper pedal, Chris came on for an encore, performing “Bend in the Road”. When introducing “Zero Chance”, Chris said that he normally plays songs that he himself writes, but the Ben Shepherd-penned tune really spoke to him. The show closed out with “Black Hole Sun” (shutting up the obnoxious “fans” shouting the song title for the entirety of the show) and a rendition of “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees.

Overall, Chris put on a sublime performance, which is only to be expected at this point.


Doesn’t Remind Me
Scar on the Sky
Cleaning My Gun
Can’t Change Me
Original Fire
Footsteps (Pearl Jam)
As Hope and Promise Fade
Silence the Voices
Halfway There
Fell on Black Days
The Day I Tried to Live
One (Metallica/U2 mashup)
When I’m Down
Wooden Jesus
All Night Thing
Hunger Strike
Like a Stone
Tangerine (Led Zeppelin)
Hotel California (The Eagles)
Burden in My Hand
Call Me a Dog
Blow Up the Outside World


Bend in the Road
Zero Chance
Black Hole Sun
To Love Somebody (Bee Gees)

  • Chris

    This was show was so great! Maybe a notch below the Basie two years ago, which I was blown away by. But I’ve actually enjoyed the solo acoustic shows more than Soundgarden shows recently, which is something I never would have imagined saying a few years ago.

  • Jack irons

    No pictures?? AWESOME!!! Let people enjoy the shows without assholes constantly taking pictures and video!!! Hooray!!!

    • poptart

      Now if they could just get rid of the people screaming out song names during the show. He has a set list, let him play it. He’ll ask if he wants to take requests.

  • Keith.

    Really hope we get another Songbook CD at the end of this tour — I’d love to get a live version of Wooden Jesus.