There has been speculation over the last year or so that the Pixies have secretly been working on new material, with Black Francis speaking of writing new songs that had to be great, and also rumors of the band scheduling recording time last year. Just a few weeks ago bassist Kim Deal quit the band, further fueling rumors that new material could be coming as Deal was rumored to be a hold out when it came to making a new album. Yesterday the band unveiled “Bagboy,” their first new track since the Kim Deal penned reunion track “Bam Thwok” in 2004, and the first Pixies track written by the band’s driving creative force Black Francis in over 20 years.

This is the perfect comeback track, it sounds like the Pixies but it doesn’t sound like a forced rehash. The song starts out with a modern feel and the chorus has a classic Pixies sound. The song clocks in at nearly 5 minutes, very long for a Pixies track, but the song does not let up. The song is hook laden and Black Francis’ lyrics are the perfect mix of sarcasm and rage including the line: ‘Cover your breath, polish your teeth’. When I first heard the song I thought it was Kim Deal singing during the chorus, which proves that stand in Jeremy Dubs was definitely able to fill the void for her sonically. Dubs and Francis’ voices sounds fantastic together, particularly during the 2nd chorus.

Though there has been no confirmation of a new album as of yet, hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the Pixies.

  • Ryan

    I wasnt crazy about the song mainly because I felt it was a tad monotonous BUT I’m still excited seeing as how much of a change it brought about to their sound.

  • Big M

    Loved the guitar-work. Amazing comeback single in my opinion.