Thanks to reader Christopher Salazar for writing this:

Today was the first annual Monster Energy Aftershock festival in Sacramento, California. Headlining the main stage was Stone Temple Pilots along with Bush two sets below them. There was a bunch of other bands playing, but none that I would ever want to listen to at all. With Both bands playing the main stage, I figured this was indeed a concert worth calling sick into work for as well as driving two hours to go see.

Bush was the 3rd band (out of 5) to take the main stage, getting on pretty quickly after Chevelle’s set. I missed both shows Bush had in the bay area, so I really wanted to make sure I got a chance to see them. They opened up with Machinehead and immediately got the crowd going, following with All My Life, which is a song that is much better live than on The Sea of Memories. It was a tragedy to see the crowd go from super energetic to empty-minded by the time Bush played Chemicals Between Us. The crowd was a very casual crowd and really only knew and cheered for the Sixteen Stone singles. Following Bush’s cover of Come Together (which sort of got the crowd going again), Gavin Rossdale disappeared into the crowd and the band started playing The Afterlife. It was cool to see him go out extremely far into the crowd and fun around; the only problem with that was that when Gavin would sing his voice was overpowered by nearby girls screaming at him. I went with my good friend who was not much of a Bush fan, but after they played the Afterlife, he was converted. Bush played a solid set and the entire band sounded good as a whole, my only problem with the set is that there was no Razorblade Suitcase material and no Golden State material, which was my favorite album, though beggars can’t be choosers. Also, Gavin mentioned that following the tour Bush were heading to the studio to record a follow-up to The Sea of Memories.

Deftones came on some 30 or so minutes after Bush. I saw them before during Alice In Chains’ Black Diamond Skye tour, and after seeing them again today I have to say they are even worse to me. All I heard was noise with a constant scream that sounded like somebody cut off a cat’s leg and dumped a bucket of water on it, but that’s just me, because they had a pretty decent fan base at the show. When their lead singer said they were playing one more song, we knew it was time to move up, so by the time STP was ready to take the stage, we were only a couple of rows back. After reading plenty of reviews about STP being late to shows during this tour, I was a little nervous about how this would play out. When I saw them in the bay area in 2009 and 10 they were on perfect time and even played some songs you wouldn’t hear every day such as dancing days. The problem was that this was not the bay area. After waiting over 20 minutes and hearing some fans getting anxious and talking about Scott shooting up heroin, the band walked on stage, Scott just finishing up his cigarette. The band opened up with Sin, which I thought was awesome to hear, and you could really just feel how much of a step up this band was to every other band that played before them. The crowd did very well, though they didn’t really seem to know the songs that actually were not singles, though when the band played hits like Plush, the entire crowd sang every word in good unison. Hearing Meatplow, Tumble in the Rough, Sin, and Big Bang Baby (yes Big Bang Baby) were treats, as I never got to hear them before. There was a 10pm curfew, so the band only played for one hour, and even though it was a bit of a bummer, it was well worth it. The band was in good spirits, and after playing the second or third song, Scott mentioned how he wanted some of the pizza being sold and Dean immediately burst out laughing telling Scott he was thinking the same thing. Robert Deleo was also very involved, he was talking a lot through the mic which he hadn’t done the previous times that I saw them. It was short, but both bands were solid, and definitely well-worth the two hour drive and lack of sleep for tomorrows exams.

Bush setlist:
1. Machinehead
2. All My Life
3. Chemicals Between Us
4. The Sound of Winter
5. Everything Zen
6. Come Together (Beatles Cover)
7. The Afterlife
8. Little Things
9. Glycerin
10. Comedown

STP setlist:
1. No memory/Sin
2. Vasoline
3. Crackerman
4. Hickory Dichotomy
5. Meatplow
6. Big Empty
7. Between the Lines
8. Interstate Love Song
9. Plush
10. Tumble in the Rough
11. Big Bang Baby
12. Trippin’
13. Unglued
14. Sex Type Thing

  • Dennis

    “There was a bunch of other bands playing, but none that I would ever want to listen to at all.”

    Maybe you are so high up on that horse that you can’t actually hear Chevelle? Great band and I will be seeing them again next month when they headline our Freaker’s Ball. I have no clue how someone could listen to “Face to the Floor” and not love that riff/song.

    Man, you don’t like the Deftones either? Dang.

  • Spoonman

    i like the deftones bashing, spot on description

  • Ferenczy

    Wow, perhaps we weren’t at the same show. STP was a step up from every other band that played???? I don’t know about you but I have seen STP several times before and this time I felt no energy from them whatsoever. In fact Scott’s voice sounded horribly off key the first few songs and the volumne wasn’t nearly as loud as the bands that played before them. By STP’s third or fourth song, people were leaving the venue by the hundreds. That was when we decided to bow out also. STP just doesn’t have it anymore. They should not have been the headlining act.

  • Nick a.k.a. grungehero99

    welll spoonman strikes again… deftones rock

  • Luke

    @ Dennis I agree chevelle is amazing (A lot better than bush)and i like bush but they certainly are’nt even comparable with chevelles awsomeness. Also STP played 14 songs including and encore? man these guys make me want to puke, what a shitty live band clearly they arent trying. bring back army of anyone and velvet revolver, these musicians need to test them selves and get bakc to work instead of being nostalgic pieces of shit riding their old material into the ground.

  • Seth

    I really respect your website and love the constant news but the Deftones are a absolutely amazing band in the studio and were hit or miss live until a couple of years ago when the stepped up their game and now are a constant great live band. Please do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in their studio work with an open mind and you shall not be disappointed. Cheers.

  • chicago_animal

    Im a huge fan of both Bush and Chevelle but Bush blows away Chevelle live. I have seen Chevelle a dozen times now(they play alot of one off shows in Chicago) and they need to get more into their live performances. Musical wise, they are one of my favorite bands.

  • BillyL

    It’s easy to discredit a band of any worth based on shallow knowledge…STP know that all too well. Deftones have a lot more depth than you think. Listen to Digital Bath, or their cover of Duran Duran’s The Chauffeur, only to name a couple of songs that testifies to their diversity.

  • Amy

    This sounds like a phenomenal concert! Deftones, Chevelle and STP! Anyone that attended this is so lucky! At least STP showed up! The concert I went to in Abbotsford BC Canada they showed up 2 hours late! It was a tragedy. 4th time I have seen them and they chewed.

  • Wam Meesly

    Salazar gave us a nice review of the grunge era music at the Fest, Chevelle and Deftones are nu-metal, there is no reason for them to be on here.

    Thanks for the recap, seems that STP is hot and cold these days. Its not a bad set list, considering it was a festival.