Review: The Gitas’ Debut Album ‘Garland’

The Gitas is an up-and-coming rock group consisting of frontman Sasha Chemerov, drummer Brittany Maccarello, bassist Sal Ramazzini, and guitarist Joe Guese. The Los Angeles-based band recently released their debut LP titled Garland. The material was recorded at The Rattle Room in Burbank, CA and was mixed and mastered by Jaron Luksa. You can check out our review of the 7-song release below.

Kicking off with a quick attention grabber, “Brand New Life” slowly revs up to high-energy rocker as layers of distorted guitars and raw percussion are added for a punk-like explosion. Taking a tip from The Black Keys, the next track “Black Crows,” possesses bluesy swagger verses building to its memorable, smooth chorus. Things get heavier and borderline grunge as guitars wail and cymbals crash on “My Baby Gets Stuck (with Drugs).”

The single, “Mood For Love,” is stacked high with catchy hooks and just shouts mainstream radio rock friendly, but in the best way possible. The infectious melodies continue for “Precious Day,” featuring the album’s heaviest interlude. “Cat” winds down the listener before thrusting into a fuzzy wall-of-sound. Concluding with “Someone To Die With,” the album’s anthem and most aesthetically pleasing track, the album comes to a close after a brief sitar outro.

As this LP runs along at a steady pace, The Gitas prove themselves to be a valid rock group in the modern age of soaring choruses, genre-mashing, and toying with the rules of conventionality. Overall, Garland accomplishes what it set out to achieve: accessible alternative rock with pop laced throughout. Although this release is a gratifying debut, there is a subtle underlying tension hinting towards a further push of experimentation in the future of the band.

gitasThe Gitas’ Garland will be available on iTunes soon!