Casual posted this on the forums:

I’m back from the show!   I was about four rows away from the stage, on  Dean’s side!   It was a really good time, and a laid back vibe.   Scott  was in a great mood, and the crowd was really into it too.  I thought  Scott looked really cool too, and he was wearing a suit.  It’s hard to  hear the vocals when you are that close, so I couldn’t hear  Scott all that well.   It was worth it to be that close, though, and I  could still hear the band great.   I think it was after “Down” when Rob  announced that it was Scott’s Birthday.  They brought out a cake with  candles and we all sang Happy Birthday.  The birthday thing was great  because it was like a moment of victory for Scott and all the STP fans,  that is what I felt, at least.  Then I think Scott stuck a big piece of  cake in Dean’s mouth and Eric had a bunch of cake in his mouth too  ;D Even before that,  the crowd sang Happy Birthday in between a song.    Also me and this guy yelled out “Happy Birthday Scott”, first, and  Scott heard and said “Thank you, for the Happy Birthday.”   Rob was funny cuz then they went into “Dead and Bloated” and he said something  like “this is a funny song to play after Happy Birthday.” lol

It was  basically the same setlist…we got Still Remains, but no Pretty Penny  and the new songs were BTL, Hickory, Cinnamon, and Huckleberry.    Heaven and Hot Rods was so cool to hear live…a definite highlight.    And it was so cool to hear a different setlist from when I saw them  here 2 years ago.  I thought this time was just as good.  Also, I sparked up a J during Big Empty, and I had a couple beers at the show  ;) I saved a beer for the first 3 STP songs and it was great.

Here are two pictures that I got with  my camera phone.  They came out OK because I was pretty close, they look better in a larger size. I hope some other people who went will share their reviews too!  Sorry, I couldn’t get any decent pics of the B-day cake.

  • Cheryl Willits

    Finally!!!! Someone posted a review about STP that didnt suck!! I have to say THANK YOU!!!!! After all the “crap” people have been posting about STP and Scott Weiland, I almost did not read this review just to spare myself from getting annoyed over yet another post that would just make me sad. I am a huge fan from San Diego. I have traveled to see Scott Weiland solo and STP and every show was amazing!!!

    Thank you for sharing a great review!!!


  • Casper

    The last few shows since they returned from their break have all be positive.