Great to see that Scott and the guys are getting along so well, here is a very positive review of STP’s show on Friday in Las Vegas that was posted by Laura on the forums:

I will echo CMCracker above: the boys were REALLY on last night. Scott, in particular, was on fire. Based on what I’ve read on these boards, I know that some of you go to many more shows than I do, so my perspective might be a little bit different. Prior to Vegas, I had not seen STP for three months. I attended a few shows in the fall, the last of which was in November, right before the band went to South America. So, in only three month’s time, I noticed a dramatic change in Scott. In a prior post, I talked about him seeming “detached” during concerts. Not so in Vegas. It was almost like a fog had cleared, or a curtain had lifted—he was completely engaged, interacting with the band and showing the love (he and Dean opened the show with an embrace), connecting with the crowd, and singing with his eyes OPEN—really letting us in. He even joked at one point: “This next song is called…I Want You…To Want Me…just kidding.” Later, Dean pulled out a hotel room key and said something like: “Scott, you left this in my room last night,” to which Scott replied: “Wow, now I’m really embarrassed.” Dean then handed the key to someone in the crowd.

I had watched the videos from Thackerville and Biloxi that others posted, and I remember thinking that I was catching occasional glimpses of the “old Scott.” Well, indeed—he is back. I thought he looked just a little bit thinner than he has lately (although others will probably disagree). But I prefer him heftier! Also, it might have just been the lighting, but it looked like his face was slightly bruised, as if someone had recently punched him? Maybe just my imagination. In any case, it was a truly stellar performance, and one certainly worthy of that comparison to Mick Jagger in the article I posted last week. (Just as an aside, I posted that quote on my facebook page because: (1) I was beyond excited to see my two favorite bands of all time mentioned in a single sentence, (2) I thought it was a nice compliment to Scott, and (3) I am a completely obsessed fan-girl. Doug Grean actually asked for the link to the article so he could show it to Scott (!).)

Scott’s smile at the end of the night, during the group hug, said it all. That smile was electrifying! So much so, in fact, that I guess I subconsciously felt the need to “reflect” it back to him. I know this because the guy next to me told me that I was grinning like a complete idiot. Which I was. (This was the same guy who, earlier in the evening, said: “Wow, it’s great to come to an STP show –you have all of these really young fans supporting them, and then you have, well, the people ‘our age.’” Yeah. Thanks, dude.)

It’s really tough on us diehard fans when STP announces one show at a time. You never know if you should just “bite the bullet” and travel to see them, or wait and hope they announce something closer to home. I’m not complaining too loudly, though, because I’d rather them announce one show at a time than no shows at all. That said, I’m not sorry that I chose Vegas. I was blown away. And hell, I’d travel to the moon to see STP.

I had never been to the Pearl before, and it was great to see the band in this smaller but spectacular venue. My only criticisms of the night: (1) Cinnamon was dropped from the setlist, and (2) Trippin’ sounded off for some reason that I can’t really articulate except to say that it seemed like the world shifted into low gear during that song.

I know a lot of you were there, and I hope you all had as great a time as I did. It was kind of a whirlwind for me—I just flew in for the show and flew back out (or at least I intended to—my return flight was delayed due to that freak snowstorm, and since I don’t gamble, I ended up killing the time in the spa). And I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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    Great to hear this! The Deleos are hilarious.