Reunited Guns N’ Roses Planning New Material, Duff McKagan Shares Rehearsal Photo

Photo Credit: Marc Canter

Metal Sludge is reporting that Guns N’ Roses will record 1 to 2 new songs in early 2016. The band will also sign working agreements (contracts) in early January for their reunion and upcoming tour dates.

Many sources are reporting that an announcement is expected on January 5th. Former Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner liked Alternative Nation’s tweet on Friday linking to our story titled ‘Guns N’ Roses Website Switches To Original Logo, Reunion Imminent.’

A mysterious advertisement seemingly advertising Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming 2016 reunion tour is now being shown before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The advertisement shows a crowd, but not much else. Guns N’ Roses are expected to announce a 2016 reunion tour in just days, with a Coachella appearance expected.

Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan thus far are the only members confirmed by sources and members of the media, with the status of Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Matt Sorum unknown.

Duff McKagan has also shared a photo of himself playing bass with the caption ‘LAMF,’ seemingly playing to prepare for the upcoming reunion. Duff had ‘LAMF’ written on his bass amp during the Use Your Illusions tour and in the “Yesterdays” video.

Mother of god. It's really happening. #starwars #preview #gunsnroses

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Guns N’ Roses have also deleted their entire website and now are only displaying the logo of the original Guns N’ Roses on their home page, hinting that an announcement is imminent as we approach the end of 2015 and head into 2016.


Epiphone, the sister company of Slash’s guitar company Gibson, is reporting that ‘something’ is going on between the guitarist and Guns N’ Roses:

“We’ve been hearing the rumors for months about a reunion of the original line-up of Guns N’ Roses. But even our well-placed Epiphone informants are still keeping details under wraps. But is there something going on? Yes. But what exactly we can’t say yet. Though numerous mags are confirming a 2017 reunion tour (or at least a massive anniversary show), no one from the original line-up is going all-out on record. But you can bet if the web is a-buzz already at the rumor of “massive” stadium shows, something good is in the works and that much we can tell you. Meanwhile, Slash and his Conspirators will be ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas at the House of Blues.”

Slash’s Conspirators bandmate Todd Kearns claimed that ‘schedules’ are a big reason Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators will being taking a bit of a break from their usual breakneck speed of recording and touring. Kearns discussed this in a new interview with Ruutu.

Kearns said the only reason they are taking a break is because they are “stuck in traffic” with Myles’ schedule with Alter Bridge.

He says Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators will release their album after Alter Bridge gets theirs out. They already have 10-12 songs written.

He also says if it was up to Slash the band would cyclically record, tour, record, tour forever ”

“The only thing keeping him from doing that is schedules and other people.”

The ‘schedules’ preventing the album from coming out this summer has also been heavily rumored to be a Guns N’ Roses reunion, with major festival gigs rumored, including Coachella.

  • Mike

    I want the original 5 & nothing less

    • Klaas

      It says LAMF on his tattoo….

    • Christopher White

      I would have loved to see Steven Adler given a chance to redeem himself.

  • Felonious Punk

    Well fuck, since we’re already reporting a full-scale reunion, tour and some new music, let’s just post our dream setlists while we’re at it:

    Welcome To The Jungle
    It’s So Easy
    Night Train
    Right Next Door To Hell
    You Could Be Mine
    Civil War
    November Rain
    Back Off Bitch
    Sympathy For The Devil
    Don’t Cry
    Since I Don’t Have You
    Rhiad and the Bedouins
    Bad Obsession
    Dust and Bones
    The Garden
    You’re Fuckin’ Crazy
    Shotgun Blues
    I Don’t Care About You (Fuck You!)
    Used To Love Her
    Mr. Brownstone


    Street of Dreams
    Rocket Queen
    + the 2 new songs they’re undoubtedly recording

    • Alternative Nation

      Throw in There Was A Time after November Rain. My favorite Illusions song followed by my favorite Chinese Democracy song.

      • Felonious Punk

        There Was a Time, also known for years as T.W.A.T.

        That Axl Rose…ever the charming one.

    • ColdFeet

      I’d throw in Paradise City after Rocket Queen. That’s GOTTA be included at the end.

    • Martha Bartha

      What about Live & Let Die?

      • Felonious Punk

        What about it?

        • Martha Bartha

          I like their version & I don’t see it in your list.


    So…this shit its true?

  • Dillon Sparks

    So stoked!!
    So this is pretty much a done deal at this point right? : ))
    Hope they come to Texas

  • Scott Kobleske

    Wrigley Field!

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  • Eddy

    Maybe Axl can bring his walker onto stage too? This band is so over. Why embarrass themselves with Axl croaking out tunes like a little old man? They should call themselves Geezers and Roses!

    • Matt Conner

      Dude, are you serious? Really? This is going to be just as big of a reunion tour as Kiss was in ’97!

      • truthrevealer


    • Frawg

      More like Guns and Geezers! Bwahahahaha

    • truthrevealer

      Comments like yours are to be expected on this site. After all its called “alternaitivenation”, a site likely full of butthurt grunge/alt fans upset that their hero cant come back from blowing his head off. At least Axl can come back and make money off a reunion tour than youll make in your entire life

      • Christopher White

        Best. Comment. Ever. You’re my new hero! God I hated Nirvana!

    • Rosie St Lam

      Ain’t that the truth, Axl’s voice is completely shot these days, it will be embarrassing.

  • david

    So that’s why the ol’ boys of GnR (and VR) couldn’t be bothered with saving scott weiland. They have another golden goose to focus on, didn’t need SW any longer. Shame

  • Jonathan M Zmuda

    This will be the biggest show this planet has ever seen

  • Brian Smolik

    Axl’s voice is shot..if you saw them in the day and are going to check them out now, i predict major disappointment…..smells like a cash grab to me

  • Andy Skoundrianos

    They have to have Izzy and Steven or it isn’t GNR

  • Ryan Eriksson

    they should open for Van Halen next summer after Van Halen drops their new album

  • Celio Azevedo