Red Hot Chili Peppers To Cover Rock Classic At Super Bowl

Drummer Chad Smith has told Artisan News that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will cover “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin at the Super Bowl this Sunday during the Half Time Show. RHCP were recently announced as being set to perform with Bruno Mars at the sports extravaganza. The Chili Peppers have covered Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” in the past.

  • King Cornell

    What? This only adds to the token rock band feel of picking them for the SB. Play your own stuff, guys! Play Higher Ground!

    • JG566

      Higher Ground is not their “own stuff.” That would be a good choice though.

      • Mr. K.

        Priceless JG566. Thank you for the laugh this afternoon.

  • Stolzzie

    So Bruno Mars is gonna join them for that song?

  • Big M

    This has potential at least.

  • the keeper

    Guys it is a joke the live version of that song is 30 minutes long. It is a joke….

  • Wayne Hardy
  • shoegazer

    Obviously a joke. The song is longer than the entire halftime show.

  • Christine

    Jason Bonham and Heart are already touring doing this…. I’d rather RHCP stick with their own catalog including pulling out “Real Men Don’t (Kill Coyote’s)” (yes, I probably spelled that wrong).

    I’m hoping someone posts the half time show of just RHCPs after the fact so I can avoid having to try and tune into the game. I’m so not an NFL person (I stopped watching NFL when Dan Deirdorf left MNF).

    I’m hoping there is some hockey on that day instead.