Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce Concert For Bernie Sanders, Give Big Update On New Album

Red Hot Chili Peppers have joined the effort to help elect Bernie Sanders to the presidency. The Los Angeles-based alternative rockers will headline an all-ages show at the Theatre at Ace Hotel on Friday, February 5, as part of a FEEL THE BERN political fundraiser. Ticket sales will go toward Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Click here for tickets.

Tickets to see Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Theatre at Ace Hotel will go on sale Friday, February 5, at 10:00 a.m. for $30.00 to $2,700.00 each plus service fees. Also, there is a presale right now for those of you who want to get your tickets early. Passwords: BERNIE and RCHP.

Drummer Chad Smith recently revealed that Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded a new song in just 4 hours a few days ago.

  • The Good Guy

    I’m surprised they couldn’t have recorded 4 new songs in 4 hours. Their music is so boring and talentless these days it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Dick Turnip

      TGG ^^^ = Paid SHillary supporter

    • John Zolis

      Ever notice that loud mouth opinionated haters all hide behind anonymity? What do you do for the betterment of society ?

      • Felonious Punk

        We post here and bring comic relief in the comments section of shitty bands like the RHCP, for one.

        • Mark Cornett

          Shitty? You’ll appreciate them once your ears bleed from actual shitty music, like Justin Bieber.

        • patango

          Your stained stuffed toy from when you hit puberty is not helping

          • Felonious Punk

            Ouch! Another newbie poster riffing on my avatar. The sound it makes when you scrape the bottom of that barrel is one I’ll never get used to..

        • John Zolis

          Love how those who support haters are none other than aliases living in the same vail of anonymity, does anyone actually post a valid opinion with their true identity or are you too scared to have your name associated to your biased thoughts?
          You think your opinions are humorous? Wow the youth of today!

          • Jimmy Intense

            Wait – did you actually post online with your own name? I’m not scared to state my real, true opinion but I’m certainly not stupid enough to use my real name for any form of online interaction.

            You must be an old guy if you don’t recognize how beyond compromised the Internet has become.

            But seriously, kudos for putting it all out there. You must feel like a real hero.

          • John Zolis

            Yes I posted with my real name which can easily be found on FB and all other forms of social media, Compromised? Guess I didn’t notice during my multiple comp-sci degrees Not a hero by any means just hate how people who post negative comments about whatever the issue hide their user activity just like their name. I find it most annoying with issues on BSL where people hiding behind anonymity say “the only good pit bull is a dead pit bull” Its easy to say whatever when you have hide behind anonymity.

          • Jimmy Intense

            Do you think your multiple degrees make you an expert? Guess you just choose not to see the bigger picture. We live in a time where a vast majority of the population willingly reveal everything about themselves in a variety of public forums, all while the government monitors and gathers the information we so freely divulge.

          • sashacryotank

            He brings the “guberment is monitoring my Internets” as a reason to not post your real name… You realize that they already have all your info right? even without posting shit online?

          • Felonious Punk

            So I should just post under my real name so one of you Internet badasses who tout how much better you are can scope my shit, too?

            Not happening. I’d much rather just laugh at how upset you’re getting because I’m not posting under my real name like an idiot..

          • John Zolis

            With the introduction of Bill C-51 in my country
            I wrote directly my opposition to this bill to my members in parliament like I do both domestically and abroad with all issues
            “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”
            I am well aware of “the big picture”

          • Felonious Punk

            Amazing how you have all these computer science degrees you’re so proud of, but they obviously didn’t teach you proper grammar and punctuation when you were at school..

          • Felonious Punk

            He did! He’s from Calgary, has a Computer Science degree and is into animal rescue

            Which would make him a pretty warm-hearted and intelligent guy, except for the fact that he’s posting insults under his real name on the Internet

          • Jimmy Intense

            Awwww how touching 🙂

          • Felonious Punk

            Dude, only a complete fool would post with their real name on the Internet or think they’re a badass for doing so.

            Who the hell are you, anyway? I’ve never seen you post here in all the years I’ve been around Alt Nation. The joke here is random posters who just pop up out of nowhere and criticize others about their opinion. You’re doing the exact same thing.

            And all you’re doing by lecturing people about their online behaviour is encouraging people to do more of the same. That sort of thing is old hat by now, but I guess it’s hard for some to grasp.

          • qc

            And here I am…wondering if I’m the only one that laughs a lot w/your posts even when you mock bands I like. It’s not like you’ve committed any crime, you just tell us your opinion and very often in amusing ways. It’s just your shtick, like Boom that has his only unique way of expressing himself. (now back to lurking)

          • Felonious Punk

            Glad to see somebody gets it. I can’t believe that comp-sci goofus was here patting himself on the back about his alleged degrees AND had all this time to fight with a bunch of strangers online. I guess that’s his way of “living on his feet” or whatever. Knock it out of the park there, Big John Science guy

    • John Zolis

      You up’ed you own post? Pathetic LMAO

  • Mark Cornett

    I am very exited for this. It should be a lot better than I’m With You. I’m probably the only person who likes RHCP here.

    • shaun h

      Love RHCP, love I’m With You.

    • Billy

      not the only one

    • Ishmael

      to say it with the words of michael jackson: “You are not alone!”

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  • picha2

    Wow! This is fabulous. This is a wonderful gesture and very generous. Since I live in Canada I doubt I can make the concert, but I will buy your album because now I really want to support you.

  • TonyClifton

    Did I miss the big update for new album somewhere? Or is the recording a song in 4 hours it?

    • Billy

      ya, i read thru it a few times over but all they did was record one song quickly. i’m scratching my head too lol

  • JDOT

    Hey guys, he said cut in a song in four hours, not record. Learn something.

    • Jimmy Intense

      Which means it was recorded. “Cut” refers to the old school method of etching a needle into a groove (vinyl) to transfer vibrations. Literally cutting into the vinyl for a recording/album. The term continued in the tape era, as you would essentially be cutting and splicing tape when making a recording.

      Now *you’ve* learned something.

      • iLeonD

        YEAH! TELL HIM JIMMY! That was intense!

  • Jimmy Intense

    For an extra $2500, you can literally feel “the Bern” but don’t get too close with your genitals or else you may wake up feeling “the burn” 😉

  • Adam James Stamper

    they should tour and make sure they play a bunch in the red states!

  • Jonathan White

    RHCP fuck yeah feel the Bern baby. Keep your teenage pop star performances Hildabeast! Haha BERNNNNNed

  • Scott Nyzio

    where are the presale tix at?

  • Yarbles

    Finally an honest democrat

    • +1BagofSnarkness

      ?Whatchou got I’m gonna give it to some poppah! whatchougot Im gonna steal it for my mama! I decided that you make-a too much monay! Gonna steal it, gonna feelit, how’s that bern in your nestegg! Takeitaway, takeitaway, takeitaway now!?

  • mosannam9696

    I’m not seeing this “big update” on the album.

    • Nikdik

      A picture of a guy in a chair on twitter is the big news. Aren’t you STOKED?

  • Silence Dogood


  • Twyla Risby

    When did Danny Trejo and Will Ferrell join the peppers?

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  • 1marthaa

    Is there any way that Red Hot Chili Peppers could write a song about
    always hiding behind privatism and calling it capitalism, it would be
    good to get the banksters separated from their hidey suit so that the
    banksters can be seen for their privatism ideology.

    Let’s be clear about what privatism is; dictionary definition:

    privatism n. the attitude of being uncommitted
    to or avoiding involvement in anything beyond
    one’s immediate interests.

    No one, myself included, wants to end the antithetical opposition of
    “Individual Privatism” to Socialism in the USA — Individual Privatism
    in the USA is NOT the problem; —

    ‘Institutionalized Criminal “Collective Privatism” IS the problem.’

    What is needed in the USA is to END “institutionalized criminal collective
    privatism” in the USA that deprives the USA’s population of their rights
    as individual USA CITIZENS under both Civil and Natural Law, corrupts
    the USA money supply, cyclically crashes the USA Stock Market and the
    USA Economy and deprives the USA population of “life, liberty and the
    pursuit of happiness with freedom and justice for all.”

    Again, let’s be clear about what Privatism is and what the clear and present

    The dictionary definition of “privatism” expresses the danger of colletiive privatism to the USA as a nation — BE AWARE:

    privatism n. the attitude of being uncommitted
    to or avoiding involvement in anything beyond
    one’s immediate interests.

    This is NOT about individual privatism, I personally like individual
    privatism that is used for individual purpose, NOT connected to
    institutionalized criminal activity to institutionalize and
    reinstitutionalize the making and enforcing of USA legislated law and

    Individual Privatism secures my rights to my private property as an individual.

    Institutionalized Collective Privatism takes all of my rights to my private property away from me as an individual and leaves me without the right to life,
    liberty and the pursuit of happiness with freedom and justice;
    INSTITUTIONALIZED COLLECTIVE PRIVATISM secures the individual collective
    rights of corporations at the expense of individual personal and human
    rights of people!!!!!!!

    One more time, I reiterate, let’s be clear about what PRIVATISM is —- Privatism has nothing to do with Capitalism, an economic system; the dictionary definition of
    Privatism is:

    privatism n. the attitude of being uncommitted
    to or avoiding involvement in anything beyond
    one’s immediate interests.

    • Nikdik

      99% of the entertainment industry is part of the establishment. Do you really think a band who sings about how great California is on most of their songs is going to speak the truth?

      • 1marthaa

        Maybe, it is just as easy to sing truth about the USA as it is about California.

  • novenator

    Loved RHCP forever. Dosed is epic.

    • Felonious Punk

      Couldn’t disagree more. Dosed is a bland, boring Scar Tissue knockoff.

      • novenator

        I mainly like it because it’s one I can do in karaoke, lol. They have a wonderful catalogue of epic hits though.

  • The Pyat

    If it turns out you can’t go at the last minute, feel free to send me a plane ticket and hand over your entrance ticket. I’ll take pictures.

  • Dawnef

    Password is RCHP (as stated in article) or RHCP(how it should actually be abbreviated)?

  • Nikdik

    Their new guitarist is like Frusciante-lite. The Chilis really should call it a day. The last album didn’t have a single decent song at all. It was one giant piece of shit from start to finish.

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  • PaulGauguin

    Yep we make millions in the free market, but we’ll back a socialist. What a bunch of jerks.

  • Gloria Haynes

    So, will Flea wear his pecker sock??

  • Rooster Cogburn

    You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ll never listen, let alone buy another album, from RHCP again. Just how stupid do you have to be to support a Socialist? You want Socialism, take your asses to Europe.