• cody

    great voice, very poor song.

  • David

    Wow….really didn’t like that

  • brinks667

    Wow..I REALLY DID like that!

    Hopefully Cornell continues to do these collaborations on the side…With that said, don’t ever go back to that Timbaland b.s.!

  • stereonova

    the only thing that makes me really happy of seein’ Cornell to keep on doing this kind of crap is the fact that Cameron would never leave PEARL JAM

  • Elle

    Good voice, odd mix though

  • http://www.google.co.uk Ross

    Cornell has one of the best voices currently, next to Bryan Adams and Veddar, he can sing a Chinese menu and it will still sound awesome.

  • Stan


  • http://www.chriscornell.org.uk ccfanpage

    Gorgeous stuff with great music and lyrics…it’s a song about freedom and escape, same as “Rusty Cage”, and I think Chris puts it over very well. It’s a shame (and an ironic one, too…) that so many people are so dependent on one genre of music that they dislike one of its stars exploring others.

  • Stan

    Did you just compare this song to Rusty Cage? I repeat Ugh!

  • allforlayne

    F…. that!! Chris in italy !!! I didn’t know about it and I am “biting my own hands”! The program is a late-night one and it’s quite cool. The hosting woman is a long time well known face in the “radical” side of public TV audience. the song is not bad , just a bit too long IMHO. Chris has done a great job as usual, he’s stunningly hot (even more usual)and I’m happy he accepted to work with an almost unknown italian band, shows a down-to-earth side of him that I haven’t imagined before.

  • warriorwoman

    What a compliment to an artist when other artists pursue you for collaboration projects! I can see how the variety of side projects would appeal to Cornell who never likes doing the same thing twice!!!

  • jcon

    I still LOVE this song!