Thanks to Tim for sending in this recap and photo from yesterday’s Chris Cornell in-store signing:

So I was lucky enough to attend the Chris Cornell in-store today in Jersey. He showed up 50 minutes late with his wife, but once there he was the nicest guy. Really took his time with each fan signing the new album and posing for a picture. I would guess about 400 fans.

I told him how I attended his show last week in Connecticut and he then signed my cd “Thanx” along with his signature. I asked him if we would be seeing a Soundgarden tour with Pearl Jam, and he smiled responding “You never know”. So I’m holding out hope! haha.

They were very strict in saying Chris would only sign the cd, but my friend brought his guitar pick and asked him if they could trade (hoping that Chris had a pick on him), but Chris just said that his guitar picks are nothing fancy nor customized, just the standard dunlop picks. He then signed my buddy’s guitar pick along with the CD.

Great time, and seemed like a really good guy!

  • Electric Fun

    very cool!

  • King Cornell 20

    Wanted to go but couldn’t make it. Damn.

  • Robert

    I would to meet Chris Cornell but couldn’t make it from Long Island.

  • Billy

    i met chris at a meet and greet in 2007 and he totally does not have an ego.

    I asked him why drown me slowly and sound of a gun both have an identical verse in them and if there was any meaning to that and he said it was because he was trying to point out to the ratm guys that the song structures were the same. I really got the feeling he meant that as kind of a stab at them lol

    He wandered around the room talking and taking pics with everyone and he never looked bored or like he “had” to be there.

  • Jim2

    Billy. Really?? We keep learning more about the breakup.

  • A

    Ahhh I wish I’d known about that. I live nearby.

  • pretty penny

    So Johnny Depp was there too?
    Just kiddin’ Chris–looking good baby

  • Megan

    I went! It was so great:) except for the fact that words didn’t come out of my mouth because I have to admit it.. I was starstruck. He is just a gorgeous man! He signed the Soundgarden LP with a heart because I drew it on my sticky note 🙂 (they gave out stickies to have him personalize your autograph.) I really regret not asking him a question or holding a more meaningful conversation but that’s ok. He’s a great guy