Read Steve Albini’s Letter To Nirvana Preceding ‘In Utero’

The box set for Nirvana’s 20th Anniversary In Utero reissue includes a letter written from Steve Albini to the band regarding his at the time potential participation in the recording process. Albini’s opinions towards the album can be found below as well as pictures of the letter.

“If, instead, you might find yourselves in the position of being temporarily indulged by the record company, only to have them yank the chain at some point (hassling you to rework songs/sequences/production, calling-in hired guns to “sweeten” your record, turning the whole thing over to some remix jockey, whatever…) then you’re in for a bummer and I want no part of it.”

“I would like to be paid like a plumber: I do the job and you pay me what it’s worth. The record company will expect me to ask for a point or a point and a half. If we assume three million sales, that works out to 400,000 dollars or so. There’s no fucking way I would ever take that much money. I wouldn’t be able to sleep.”

“If a record takes more than a week to make, somebody’s fucking up.”

  • Erick

    in utero sales only for 800.000 albums in usa,Before suicide…

    • djh62179

      Yeah, people forget that nobody cared about Nirvana anymore before Cobain’s death, I mean it sold 180,000 copies the first week right? Pathetic for 1993, probably why he couldn’t handle it, as much as he gave the impression of hating being famous, he couldn’t handle not being at the top anymore, that or Courtney killed him.


        nobody cared about nirvana anymore, yeah right, 180,000 copies (just in usa alone) really is not that bad even in 1993 other wise it wound not have debuted at number one in usa and other countries.

        • General Zod

          180k was a bit low for the 90s. 180k is ok in 2013. If it opened at 180k and was #1 it may have meant a lack of other releases that week (similiar to what can happen now).

          Pearl Jam’s Vs. sold nearly 1 million copies in a week (which came out around the same time). That was a lot in 1993.

          • Soo

            Goes to show how stupid the US public where as Pearl Jam were so boring. Versus could have easily been an Eagles album.

  • Kirill

    thats how all the albums should be recorded now. I hate all the polishing which happens after the recording process and going thru computer. The only polish music I can listen and accept as what it is Progressive Metal and Industreal, the rest should be given a rest….so to say

  • Soo

    Heart Shaped Box was their best selling single in the UK.
    The idea nobody cared about Nirvana in 1993 is absurd.

  • unglued

    How can you say that the sales figure means all those circumstance for Nirvana. It’s so weird.

  • Djh62179

    Wow Albini sounds like a total no bullshit kind of guy, sounds like he’s only interested in making music the way he feels it should be and if he gets paid then so be it, pretty cool. Explains why he was so pissed when the record company wanted to remix it. Sounds like he made his intentions pretty clear from the get go.

  • Big M

    People still cared about Nirvana for sure in 1993 and definitely ever since then. Yes, Pearl Jam were becoming more popular than them by ’93 but Nirvana were far from forgotten. And The Eagles comparison? Really???? Go and Leash, yeah those could have totally been on Hotel California bro.

  • Boom

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  • My name is Fred

    It is time to ban the trolls Brett. This Boom shit has gone on long enough, it’s very lame and sad.

    • standard

      Brett is Boom

      • Curious

        Why do you think Brett is Boom..?

        • standard

          It’s been pointed out several times from people that used to contribute. I would speculate that he and the Mike kid find it funny and think it stirs the pot making it look like more people are on the site, however it just makes him look unprofessional. This will probably get deleted

  • pjslash

    Yeah Brett this is just making your site annoying.
    Don’t let that happen

    • GenXLady

      It seems like a lot of interesting commenters don’t say much on here anymore. I have always liked the diverse, well thought out opinions on here, even when I don’t agree with them.

      I haven’t liked how so many threads now always seem to evolve into some version of “That singer sucks…that band sucks…she sucks…the album sucks…blah, blah, blah.”…you get my point.

      I still like browsing here for some of the headlines though.

  • Mark Fitzgibbins

    That’s awesome. I found a hilarious and awkward interview of Steve Albini. Check it out: