• Amy

    I just listened to 15 seconds of that “Would?” cover. That’s all I could take.

  • pretty penny

    yeah, sucks BAD

  • Riley R

    There’s too many bands with the word “Queen” in it

  • http://grungereport.net oscar

    oh my god this cover sucks

  • Cody

    they took a perfect song and raped it. shame on them.

  • dean

    I think that is the band from the show…Hank Moody’s daughter is in it…like i don’t think they are an actual band
    not positive tho

  • AVR

    Oh my God this song rocks hard. I think it is even better than the original.

  • Jess

    Holy Hell that was trash.. and AVR if you were serious, which I sincerely hope you weren’t, if I ever meet you I will shove your face! AIC covers shouldn’t be allowed, unless someone wants to remake one of their new songs because that new singer they have is also trash..

  • Sandeep

    That was terrible.

  • JedFishGould

    OK not a hair on your ass if you don’t leave that last entry alone.

  • Ayden

    I think the cover is great.

  • Andrey

    all girls rock-bands are shit. imho.

  • Queens of Cuntown

    That band is awful. The AIC and Skid Row covers were both god awful.