• Homerbreyn

    quite a coincidence i’m into this song just now haha

  • max


  • mangoman137


  • King Cornell 20

    Incredible performance by THE Chris Cornell. It’s not 1991, but this is more than good enough for any SG fan.


    that was like super tight…glaaaaaad to see matt cameron playing drums like it’s supposed to be…..as much as huge pj fan i am i must admit that he absolutely owns his style with SG, with pj he seems to rush a bit….they need to get Irons back or something. Cheers anyway

    question: is it true? new SG album?

  • Martha

    @STOOGESRAWPOWER: “question: is it true? new SG album?” Not only true, but a fact!!! Yes, dreams DO come true, first, reunion and now, new album…

  • Tchelo

    One of the best songs by Soundgarden.

    Great performance…. And just confirms that Matt was made to play with Soundgarden.

    Pearl Jam should have a new drummer, lighter and more like Jack Irons style. (Dave A> would be awesome)

  • Homerbreyn

    that was SOUND FREAKIN’ GARDEN!!!

  • Pete

    No offense Brett, but that “Bookmark and Share” pop-up box is ANNOYING AS FUCK

  • Pete

    I think 3:52-3:55 just made my brain explode

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    This is great! I agree that Matt Cameron’s style does not work with Pearl Jam. He has a very style, but as a result, Pearl Jam – who is more of a guitar driven band – had to actually tune the guitars down to fit Cameron in.