Alice In Chains’ new album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is projected to sell 60-65,000 copies in its first week in the United States based on one day sales. The band’s previous album Black Gives Way to Blue sold 126,000 copies in its first week.

  • Pedro

    This sucks, because it is so much better than BGWTB…

  • steph

    Is that even a good total? I truly do not know what a good total is in this day and age. sigh. Remember when they sold MILLIONS??

  • Riley R.

    I guess it is expected for a comeback album to have a lot more sales. But half the amount seems a little pathetic.

  • alicegarden

    Hmm,have to wonder the point or motive in even posting this..I’m sure the album will do well, it’s the number one album in rock for sales on I tunes as I type. I’m sure a lot of new fans will be brought into the fold since they are Headlining Uproar this summer. I guess haters gonna hate.

  • Brett Buchanan

    60-65,000 isn’t bad, the Pumpkins’ Oceania did 54,000 and Soundgarden’s King Animal sold 83,000 copies first week so it’s in the range of their contemporaries. You need some big hits to go over 100,000.

  • wtf

    big hits and a little less hype. people wanted this 2 months ago. strike the hammer while the iron is hot.


    I was expecting more honestly…Babe!!

  • alice unchained

    Just bought it today and I love it so far. The top five tracks for me are 1. voices 2. phantom limb 3. lab monkey(the first 2 minutes are kind of weak but the rest of the song makes up for it imo) 4. stone 5. hollow. My personal rating would be an 8.4.

  • Ben

    It’s actually a great fuckin’ record. Not in the least bit disappointed with it. The mighty Alice continue forth…

    Oh and the special edition picture disc is SICK. Despite the cost I’m glad I picked it up, very slick and cool as all hell…

  • Kirill

    my top 5 are:
    1) Phantom Limb <– outstanding song
    2) Pretty Done <– love the guitar and dragging voice
    3) Lab Monkey <– just a great song which stands on its own
    4) Stone <– classic Alice tune
    5) The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here <– love long songs by Alice and it reminds me Love, Hate, Love in some way
    Also, Choke is a grower, really like the acoustic sound

    The weak songs of the album are: Low Ceiling and Scalpel

  • Bullbull

    It’s a great record. I love almost every song!

  • eric

    i forgot that this was out until yesterday…doh! i’ve loved this band since facelift & of course, i miss layne, but it’s nice to see them still going. i really enjoy bgwtb & from the previews ive heard this sounds heavier. just hope the nickelback comparisons are bogus…seriously though, record sales are depressing to look at. the decline continues… a lot of bands use the “nostalgia greatest hits tour” route these days & could easily get by on that, so it’s refreshing to hear new albums from my favorites

  • a lone voice of reason

    Would be higher if people like Brett didn’t download it illegally

  • yo

    The only song that has cool riff is Stone. Other songs are too mellow for me, no edge. Disapointed.

  • Humanmonkey

    Take away the ability to illegally download music and this record is selling a lot more. It will heat up.

  • Pingfah

    People should remember that BGWTB had a much bigger first week, but like most rock albums now it had a big fall off on week two.

    The majority of its sales came from hard grafting on tour afterwards. It won’t sell as many as BGWTB, but it will have decent legs.

  • SuperSG

    @ lone voice of reason

    Why would you make an accusation of something against someone of doing something when you don’t even know if they did it?

  • SuperSG

    That sounded a little goofy, the way I structured it, but I don’t care, you know what I mean

  • Versus

    Not a bad number but there’s really no way of monitoring how many are listening to it with all the “sharing” of albums these days.

  • Search and Destroy

    It’s weird to think how much has changed regarding music sales since ’09 when they released their last album

  • Chris

    I can’t believe you gave the album such a negative review. I like it MUCH better than BGWTB…and I really like that album. This album is fantastic.

  • cosmicatomic

    I also think it’s a lot better than BGWTB. I think Devil is a far better album from top to bottom. There’s a handful of songs I love from BGWTB (A Looking in View, Private Hell, Last of My Kind) but the other half or so of the album seems a little weaker and didn’t stick with me. Plus, the album seems to be more about the message and content as the first album post-Layne than the music – at least the message is a lot more of the focus.

    Devil Put Dinosaurs Here has a lot more layers and I just think it’s far more fresh and interesting. Plus as of now I’d say maybe 2 or 3 of my favorite songs from “new” AIC is on Devil (Voices, and I also like Phantom Limb more than A Looking In View….Scalpel might creep in there as well).

    Devil = GREAT!

  • GwynnKatie

    The post office delayed delivery. Just got it last night.
    I agree with Andrei. It’s Nuclear. It’s growing by the second…
    Voices is so beautiful, just so freakin’ beautiful.
    I adore the intro and how it fades out.So pretty…
    They never let me down. AIC never lets me down.
    Thanks Guys, as Always You Rule Kathy’s Music World.

    AIC/LSMS Forever

  • Pete

    “Take away the ability to illegally download music and this record is selling a lot more. It will heat up.”

    Actually, that’s been proven incorrect. In facts, ‘illegal’ downloaders are bigger supporters of music on average.

  • jarofchains

    I think that is a respectable showing in this day and age. I personally cannot get enough of this album – I think it’s a strong record from start to finish. I think Voices will help once it is released. I really do not get all the hate for the album – sure their are the annoying NO Layne No Chans schmeebs out there but it seems like the rest of the fans just want Dirt for every single album. The transitions in the songs to some really great outros seem to be overlooked.

    With QOTSA coming out next week I would expect somewhat of a dip in AICs sales but hey having AIC and QOTSA releasing albums in back to back weeks is a win/win in my book.

  • Peace_frog

    Here is a good read that Billboard just put up less than an hour ago:

    The members of Alice in Chains are anxious for fans to know that their brand-new album, “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,” is, in fact, completely brand new.

    Though the quartet talked about unused songs for 2009’s “Black Gives Way To Blue” — AiC’s first new release in 14 years — while touring to promote the Grammy Award-nominated album, that material wound up not factoring into the new Nick Raskulinecz-produced set.

    “We did have some things left over from ‘Black Gives Way To Blue,’ but none of those were used here,” William DuVall, who joined AiC in 2006 to replace the late Layne Staley, tells Billboard. “It was pretty much started from scratch. And we recorded everything we had, so there aren’t any (leftovers) from this one.”

    Guitarist Jerry Cantrell seconds that “Dinosaurs” is comprised of “all new shit. We started from zero, and that’s pretty much what you want to do most every time. There’s an occasional lingerer between records sometimes, but not on this one. The best place to start is to completely forget what you did. Its scary to do that, and it’s challenging, like, ‘Oh, what the fuck do we do now?’ But, y’know, we know we’ve done it before, so we know we can do it again.”

    DuVall, meanwhile, says he was happy to get to a second album with the group and, hopefully, not have to deal with the issue of whether AiC should continue without Staley, who died in 2002. “That question was settled, I think, and it allowed us a little more leeway to concentrate on the task at hand, which was the music,” DuVall explains. “We did that on ‘Black Gives Way To Blue,’ too, but it took that much more effort to kind of shut out the noise of the outside world and only deal with what we were doing. That was very much ‘the first one,’ and there was a feeling of exerting our right to exist. This one had a little more of a comfortable, easy feeling.”

    Cantrell, who’s successfully recovered from shoulder surgery last year, points out that, “We’ve been together doing shows since 2006, so we’ve been working together for awhile. There’s always room for growth, but we’ve been pretty tight for years, before we made a record. So it’s just that much better this time. It’s a really big record and we’re really proud of it. It’s always great when you get the chance to make another one.”

    “Dinosaurs” is already off to a good start thanks to the first single, “Hollow,” which hit No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, while “Stone” has followed at No. 4. The group started touring more than two months ago, and Cantrell says AiC is looking forward to adding more of the new songs to the show now that the album is finally out.

    “Unfortunately, the way things are now, we can’t do what we would really like to do, like we used to do,” he says. “We were playing half of ‘Dirt’ on the road when we were touring on ‘Facelift.’ That was great. But now the amount of control you have over your stuff getting out is so slim we can’t really play a lot of it live because it’s going to get out there in some crappy version. At least when it leaks and people take it, they get the good version first and get to know it before we play it live. So we’re not as free now to play shit live and work it out.”

  • Peace_frog
  • Josh

    Hoping they release those extra tracks from the BGWTB sessions some day. I think there were 3-4 finished tracks that didn’t make the album. One of those being “Monster”

  • JG566

    Buying it today for my first listen

  • GenXLady

    I’m buying it tomorrow. Looking forward to it even more after reading some of the reviews here!

  • outlast

    This album is a real grower! It is very heavily layered, so much musical brilliance in every song! I am diggin the shit out of this album! So far my favorites are Hung on a Hook, Phantom limb, Breath on a Window , Lab Monkey, and Voices! AIC!!

  • Craigory52

    The album is definitely a grower. I wasn’t impressed at first listen but it grew on me. I’m not sure if I like it as much as BGWTB but that may change the more I listen to it. The song “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” has got to be one of the best songs AIC has created. I love the eerie middle-eastern type vibe it gives off as well. I hope the next single is either that, “Pretty Done”, or “Scalpel”.

    Top Five Tracks:

    1. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
    2. Pretty Done
    3. Scalpel
    4. Phantom Limb
    5. Hollow

    Weakest song = Low Ceiling

  • Raj

    This is really tough, I like a lot of songs on the album but it is hard to not agree with some of the comments. Here’s the problem, Cantrell is doing way too much singing. Duvall was brought in to sing the lead parts, yet Jerry is singing all the verses, choruses and dual harmonizing with Will. Duvall should be singing most of the verses and choruses. Jerry Cantrell is not a lead singer, this whole situation is truly bizzare. The setlist they play live means Duvall pretty much sings all the time and Jerry takes his correct role as a backing vocalist, the key word being backing.

    Yet, on both post-Layne albums Will’s vocals are turned down and you still mostly hear Jerry. On BGWTB I thought Will shined on songs like Last of My Kind and Acid Bubble. Duvall should be singing the verses, all the songs except for Phantom Limb are written by Cantrell and more and more it sounds like a solo record.

    I believe Cantrell fears alienating his fans, it’s one thing to alienate them using the name but I think artists have a big fear of changing their sound too much. This maybe why he is singing more for fear that if Will would take over a whole album it would dramatically alter the sound of Alice in Chains. The fact is both post-Layne albums are way different than any previous Alice album.

    Back to the album, aside from Hollow and Stone, I really like Pretty Done, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, and Phantom Limb. Phantom Limb is great, we hear Layne style screams when Duvall screams ‘within’ and ‘for you’ at the end of a couple of lines.

  • King Cornell of Seattle

    I agree Raj that Jerry is doing too much singing. I think the way they treated the vocals with a ton of echo and production is really weird too. I am trying so hard to convince myself I like this album but I think it’s flat.

    Anyone want to try to take a shot at the lyrical direction of the album? To me it seems a lot less directed at religion and politics than I thought it would. I actually think a major theme on the album is the contemporary music scene that largely ignores bands like AIC. Pretty done and Low Ceiling can be interpreted that way.

    Voices, Phantom Limb, and maybe Stone or Scalpel are the most decent tracks, but I just don’t quite get why people would put Hung on a Hook and Pretty Done on their top 5 lists. Hung on a Hook is maybe the worst AIC song of all time, or at least in the running.

    As I said in another thread, if you enjoy the album, awesome. Blare Hung on a Hook in your car and I will listen to Check My Brain and when we reach a stoplight next to each other, we can give each other an approving nod. But BGWTB is just a stronger album, although this one shows some promise in some future direction as far as sound goes.

  • GwynnKatie

    Raj, you’re such a peacemaker — and I agree with you but for one point… I love Jerry’s voice, and I love how Will backs him.
    As far as I’m concerned Jerry can’t do enough singing – but of course that is my opinion only – huge fan of DT Vls 1&2 & Boggy depot, so…
    Will has two separate tracks where he sings front.
    It is def a grower and I love it more every time I play it.
    GenX, enjoy… 😀 you’re gonna freak when you hear Voices.
    Tell me I’m wrong if I am.

    AIC/LSMS Forever

  • cosmicatomic

    I agree w/ Raj & others regarding the criticism of letting DuVall carry more of a load as a true frontman, but I guess it’s just more of a hope that they go with that model in a future AIC album. It’s also a feeling that’s lessened as the album has grown on me more. So I try not to let it detract from the quality of TDPDH and instead use it as something to look forward to.

    Facelift was basically all Layne, no Jerry (vocally). Then vocals progressively started to incorporate more Jerry from Dirt to tripod, by that point they had developed their sound of the Jerry/Layne harmonies. But still…Layne slaying it on Facelift remains an absolute gem to me.

    Hollow in particular could be much improved (IMO) by letting DuVall go on it vocally, and I think Stone could be improved a bit as well with the same approach.

    For a future album I would love to hear the style of songs like Voices/Scalpel by Jerry but then giving DuVall a handful of songs to make his own vocally (e.g. Last of My Kind). Although I also thought Hung on the Hook was a GREAT model for DuVall/Cantrell vocals, with Cantrell filling the space between DuVall’s chorus, at least in the form of a quieter/eerier type of AIC song…

  • chillow

    Jerry’s voice is sounding stronger. Maybe it’s due to a better life style, since he also quit smoking. Therefore, I have no problem with Jerry singing lead. William has a very good voice, but I don’t like some of his high tones which come out a bit screechy. But, it’s his voice and if most ppl like it, than so be it. But this part of his voice takes me away from the music. And, just to mention, there’s no comparisons here; it’s strictly pertaining to Duvall singing lead. Yes, he can sing way better than me, but that’s why I’m not a singer. He’s still a good singer though, and an extraordinary guitar player. I enjoyed CWTF; very amazing sound. Congrats to AIC for making #2. We all have an opinion and I wish much success for them.

  • Marcelo

    Phantom Limb deserves good recognition from AIC fans…

    Duvall won’t ever be Layne… there won’t be ever Layne again.

  • ShaneC

    I haven’t even bothered to waste time downloading it.

    I was sure I would buy new Chains on the first day, then when I heard Hollow, I thought I should hold out. I heard Stone, and my interest in NuChains is now zero.

    I’m glad there are some people who really dig it, though.

  • lilrockable

    Wtf? The week isn’t even over yet? Wait till next week when the real first sales have been posted not just some stupid guess

  • Brett Buchanan

    Not a guess, when one day sales are in you have the figures, with a 5-10,000 margin of error.

  • GwynnKatie

    chillow said:
    Jerry’s voice is sounding stronger. Maybe it’s due to a better life style, since he also quit smoking…

    Jer quit smoking Marlboro Reds?

    JERRY quit smoking Cowboys???

    Holy Fucking Nicotine Patch Batman…!!!

    :::falls over:::

    Wow if that’s true, I am both happy & amazed.
    Happy & Amazed.
    Today is getting better with each passing minute.

    AIC/LSMS Forever

  • Search and Destroy

    Thanks for all the reviews, it’s nice to see some from normal fans rather the some publications, etc. I’m gonna go pick it up tonight

  • Fred Bob

    Album sales are down every time an album is released by a band, you are comparing figures over a 4 year gap. Tool’s 10,000 days sold 690,000 on its first wk in 2006. Can u imagine it doing that business today. I was in the record shop today picking up my copy of …like clockwork and was talking to the guy working there. Albums are becoming a niche thing… And it’s made it less valuable to mass audiences. I think this sales forecast is good, it will give them a good push to go out and tour off the back of it

  • unglue

    anyway, AIC have many fans still…(me, too)
    It could reach Gold, finally I think.

  • Hecate

    small bell, you feed me with Kindred blood
    while Virtue thrives under Oppression.

    “…I’ve been told — dreaming’s free…
    Think I’ll go back to sleep…”

  • Griffith

    Jesus, Hung On A Hook + Devil Put Dinos here + 3 Advil PM = bliss as fuck

  • lilrockable

    I think it’s a FAR better album than Black. Black was very good but it sounded too “modern rock” for me. AIC didn’t have that ugly metal edge which is most certainly present on Dinosaurs.

  • Mellvin

    I agree with chillow. William, at times, detracts from the songs. He sometimes sounds screechy and it’s because he doesn’t have the kind of power to his voice that Layne had. I also notice that his voice warbles. Layne’s did too, but in a different kind of way where it sounded much better. William’s warbling sometimes detracts from the music. William has a good voice, but it will never come close to Layne’s in either power or range. I get the feeling some who think William needs to be let loose more are hoping it results in a sound more like the old AIC. I don’t think it will – not even close. If you want that sound, they need another singer. I’ve heard several people who sound pretty close to Layne online. It’s the band’s call though, and they seem to want William.

  • Chadwick Vapors

    Will has his own sound; he sings plaintively on Hung on a Hook in a way that makes me want to hear more…doesn’t sound at all like Layne but it’s haunting in its own way.

    On other songs he channels Layne, most notably in the chorus of Phantom Limb. He doesn’t try to sound like Layne, even live when he covers the old stuff. But he sings his heart out, let’s his voice rip in a way that honors Layne both by being emotively unrestrained and, fittingly, leaving room for us listeners to mourn our loss. No one could replace Layne.. the beauty of DuVall is he doesn’t try to.

    Go see them play. William DuVall is most definitely a rock star; he and the guys put on a hell of a show, and it doesn’t matter one bit whether he sounds like Layne or not, because you and everyone else will be singing along, drowning him out. But he’ll still be up there kill in’ it in his own way.

    Rock on I say!

  • Mellvin

    Agree on HOAH – Wm sounds good on the chorus. I think that’s because it’s a softer song. What I’m trying to convey is the band is going to be somewhat limited in the kinds of songs that can do if they don’t have a lead singer who has a lot more power to the voice. For that reason, I can’t see them being able to put out new songs like MITB, Sea of Sorrow, and such where at least one really powerful voice is needed. I know Will sings MITB now, but he never really makes it sound right – for the reasons already mentioned. Not that it’s bad, but not really all that great either with Will singing it. I probably wouldn’t even mention it if I hadn’t heard other singers who sound so much better on AIC tunes. Seems like they could be an A+ rather than a B+ if they were to get such a singer.

  • Mellvin

    I just relistened to HOAH and noticed the best parts are where Jerry sings too. Also, Hollow sounds good until Will starts singing too high on the chorus – especially the line, “…cold blue sky.” The more I listen to it, the more I really don’t care for Will’s voice. I’m much happier with the songs that Jerry takes the lead.

  • Chadwick Vapors

    I like a lot of his singing, there are some weak spots, sure, but I think the verses in HoaH where he sings solo are great. Also the way he screams “Liar” in the title track is awesome.

    There are songs where I think Layne would have really put it over the top. But that’s something we just hafta live with. I’m glad they didn’t get a sound alike, that would be far worse IMO.