Producer Kerry Brown, who worked a lot with the Smashing Pumpkins the 90’s and recent years, has posted a comment on Hipsters United about Billy Corgan, who he had a falling out with.  Corgan and Brown not only worked together, but they were very close friends until a recent falling out.  Brown was also married to former Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy in the 90’s. Here’s the comment:

Oh, 9.! – I Just happened to poke my head in here and I want to clear something up. I did not mix a single song on Teargarden. The few songs that I did mix Billy killed – he said they “sounded too radio” The last studio track that I produced and mixed for SP was Superchrist and a handful of the remixes for the EMI reissues, the same songs that I originally produced and mixed back in the 90′s. TBK songs not mixed by me and I would have not mixed them the way that they turned out. It’s not my style ,also didn’t produce those songs as Mr. Billy listens to no one now. It’s all BC my friend. Love it or Hate it… it’s his ship.

  • droosed

    uhhh how odd..and yeah i have to say i was under the impression that he mixed those songs so i guess good thing to explain but um this is interesting

  • lala

    kerry is acting like a little girl. internet fights from a 50 year old dude? grow up

  • kerry brown

    lala there is no internet fight? I’m just clearing up some false information. I did not mix or produce the TBK tracks? That is all. What do you have against little girls?

  • Patrick

    i didnt think he ever did listen to anyone

  • Andrei

    Isn’t that the true spirit of rock and roll? Not giving a fuck about what other people say and just do whatever you want to do with your art?

  • Is Adam a douche?

    I agree 100% with lala. totally childish. Weird dude.

  • RödeOrm

    is the true spirit of rock to be disrespectful? no, not necessarily. maybe you could think that if you were a punkrocker that likes to burn innocent peoples cars…
    (not sayin’ all punkrockers do…)

  • Tastes Grungey


    How is saying that BC listens to no one clearing up false info? You gotta admit that little jab wasn’t necessary. Congrats on not being the real blame for the shitty TbK production.

  • bud

    Why waste time talking about this douchebag? pumpkins suck and shouldnt even be on this page.

  • dakotablue

    So why do we have to listen to every burp and fart that Corgan makes?
    Just get your new music out and then Shut. The. Hell. Up. Already!