Preview New Kurt Cobain ‘Tribute’ Comic Book

A Kurt Cobain comic book is set for release on April 2nd by Bluewater Productions, which specializes in graphic novels and comics. The comic, which is being released just days before the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death, was written and illustrated by Jayfri Hashim as part of Bluewater’s “Tribute” series. It chronicles Cobain’s early days and his overwhelming rise to fame. The “Tribute” series has previously issued comics on the lives of living and deceased rock icons including: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Keith Richards.

Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis told The Hollywood Reporter, “The Tribute line of comic books tells the stories of people that have made a significant difference in the world while they were with us. It is a way for us to honor these people who have made a difference in the world.” On Cobain, Davis said, “Not only is this a great way to understand the importance of his contribution to music, but it is a great tool for kids to read about him in a different medium. Our biography comic books are now taught in schools and libraries for students and reluctant readers.”

The print edition of Tribute: Kurt Cobain can be ordered for $3.99 at Comic Flea Market, and digital versions will me available for order on iTunes, Kindle, and other eBook websites.

You can preview the Tribute: Kurt Cobain comic book below. The last image is erroneous because Cobain’s ashes were scattered and he has no gravestone. (Click on images to enlarge):

Cobain Comic coverCobain Comic 1Cobain Comic 2.0Cobain Comic 4Cobain Comic 5

  • Ben

    So according to this Grunge started when Kurt formed Nirvana? Man, this is gonna blow if it can’t even get its facts right!

  • Joanna

    So ugly this drawings are… I would do it better myself.

  • Ambulance Blues

    For fuck\\\’s sake! Wasn\\\’t this same shit done years ago with that \\\’Gutter Shite\\\’ comic book GODSPEED??? And this looks that much WORSE!! Stop it already!!

  • lilrockable

    They couldn’t get someone whose actually talented to draw him? This looks awful

  • Raj

    Some drawings are better than others but then it looks like everything starts turning into anime, the worst form of animation. SG released their first album before Nirvana, some of the facts are just wrong. Get it right the first time.

  • jim garturt

    “With out Nirvana there might of been no Soundgarden or AiC” This comic is pure bullshit and should be burned and not taught to the young of the world.

    What are they trying to do make up shit so that Nirvana is the holy grail of all Seattle music at the time.

    They did their part but the early bands are the reason for Nirvana to have the chance they did.

    More myth than fact that’s the legacy their teaching.

  • Christine

    :double face palm:

  • Paulonious

    So many people cashing in on the 20th ann frenzy encompassing this band. Kind of sad.

    • Christine

      More than kind of sad, simply horrible. And I’m guessing during the next two weeks we’ll see more of this crap. Hopefully people don’t consume any of it. *raise glass hopefully*

  • Sandro

    Looks fucking terrible.
    There was half good Cobain comic about many years ago. Which actually was well drawn and somehow wasn’t terrible.

  • sam

    I love Nirvana. But the fact that this stupid, wrong, and kindergarden-drawings comic is so wrong in facts make it worse to the fact of making a Kurt Cobain/Nirvana comic book. I never read Godspeed, but I´m sure it sucked. And this one.. i wouldn´t even read it in the toilet while taking a dump.

    But I understand.. soon it will be the 20th anniversary of Cobain´s death, so it´s time for people to launch whatever shit related to make a profit of it. Sucks, but well, whatever, nevermind.