NOTE FROM BRETT: Somebody totally rigged this poll and voted for Yes over and over. On Saturday our site isn’t even close to that amount of visitors by the afternoon, especially since it is by far our lowest day of traffic for the week. I’m going to try and work on a way to limit voting to one IP per voter for the next time I do a poll so we can get accurate results.

Do you think Soundgarden have been active enough since reuniting?

Soundgarden have played 4 shows this year since reuniting, one of which was properly advertised with advance notice. Do you think Soundgarden have been active enough in 2010?

  • Recluse

    They are free to do as they wish…

  • http://www.chriscornell.org.uk ccfanpage

    Active enough for whom, or by what standards?
    Seems to me that their own decisions and inclinations are the only ones that matter here. They weren’t under any obligation to reunite and they aren’t under any obligation to do more than makes sense to them.

  • stewart

    HELL NO, this reunion’s been a total letdown. tour, do something!

  • Robert

    No way this reunion to me has been a big joke and let down. Right now I want either a tour or a new album. Right now they aren’t even announcing one single show this is just bullshit.

  • Cornwell

    This is not a simple yes or no question, so I cannot vote in the poll. Soundgarden are doing whatever the hell they want to do and haven’t promised anyone a goddamn thing. They can’t be responsible for other people’s unfounded expectations. If anything, Soundgarden have been very honest and explained every step of the way that no one should expect a full blown reunion, but some people just refuse to listen. I am a huge SG fan and would’ve loved a huge tour and a new album immedaitely, but I never expected it…I’ll take what I can get.

  • Zach

    This so-called “reunion” has been a joke.

  • RödeOrm

    hell no, I love ’em but they are real lazy!

  • David

    It does sometimes feel as if they only got back together for the Lollapalooza cash & now aren’t very sure what to do.

    Personally I think I’d like to hear new material rather than them just hitting the road & playing “the hits”….providing Timberland stays away that is. (no Chris, we won’t forget)

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    we want PEARL JAM

  • Appendix

    Do you realy understand what northwest movement means? There´s no mainstream ideas over there. I want honest work, no underpresure bullshit to stupid pseudo fans waiting for tours. SG is no a very popular band, watch some forums and see critics, so Knights of the Sound Table don’t want to sell the band!!!

  • King Cornell 20

    I was actually shocked by the results, as I voted no. I figured it would be way closer to 50/50. A lot of people are making good points on both sides.

  • Mike

    Hell no they haven’t, and here is why: last January when they announced the reunion they posted on their website “school is back in session”…like the man had returned to lay down the law and whip ass. You can’t say something like that then only play a couple secret shows, 1 festival and release a greatest hits collection. If they are going to take us to “school”…then TOUR! Release the B-sides album that has been rumored for years and TOUR behind it!

  • Rob

    I can’t blame them for not rushing into a tour, soundgarden in 2011… keep the hope alive

  • http://www.google.co.uk Ross

    They’ve been united for less than a year. Give them a bloody chance.

  • Adam

    They haven’t done that much at all, but on the other hand, I don’t want them to rush themselves and end up making something crap, or a bad tour.

  • Brett

    Somebody totally rigged this poll, I need to find a way to make it one IP per vote. This site doesn’t even get that many hits by this time of the day on Saturday, it’s our lowest day of traffic.

  • Stan

    When they announced I was so pumped. Now I don’t give a shit. Love their music but this past year was a money grab and mid life ego boost. I’m much more interested in what Pearl Jam will do this year than waiting around for SG. The second greatest hits was insulting for the fans that waited so long. I would like to finally to see the B-sides released since they’ve been promising we’d see that for longer than a decade. But other than that – I just don’t care.

  • Johnny

    Shitty about the vote rigging. I for one am totally down with any Soundgarden at all; Black Rain alone is enough of a shit kicker for me to be happy with a reunion. Of course I want to see them live, but either way we’re better off than we were before we had them reunite.

  • Stan

    Someone who sits around and votes repeatedly on a poll 1. has no life and 2. is afraid of the truth and 3. feels the need to be right. There ain’t no right or wrong – it opinion.

  • Phil

    Honest to god Brett, why even pose the question? Just to stir controversy? It’s painfully obvious your answer to your own question is “NO”, you feel they have not “done enough” since reuniting. Otherwise you wouldn’t have posted a whole thread about it.

    Who fucking cares? They are moving at their own pace and that is precisely how it should be. Aside from the four shows, you’re forgetting plenty of other activity:

    *re-release of ‘Hunted Down’ 7″ vinyl
    *release of TELEPHANTASM box set (4 versions)
    *release of ‘The Telephantasm’ 7″ vinyl
    *Appearance on Conan playing ‘Black Rain’ & ‘Hunted Down’ (very cool)
    *Various magazine & TV/ online interviews
    *Forward motion on ‘B-Sides’ box set
    *More shows in the planning…

    I’d say that has been a fairly PRODUCTIVE 2010 chaps.

  • Matt from DC

    Hey below is a cool site for nirvana fans


    it’s a real site. NOT spam

  • Alice Gale

    I think they could have done more. I mean, to Reunite only to RE-release albums do a few shows. I’m not a huge fan, so I don’t care, BUT, I’m sure some would think it was a Complete Let Down. If you say you are going to reunite then I believe you should come up w/ a better plan than that or you can call yourself Van Halen & pretend to get back together.

  • Tod

    You might as well name the site a new name and these could be suggestions. V

    The Billy Chronicals
    Courtney’s drama club
    The STP with a hint of Corgan
    or the SG fightcub

  • GrungeJunkie

    Lollapalooza was fucking amazing.

  • Matt from DC

    SG Fightclub

    I love this site and what it represents but I wonder if the site could take a more broad approach to bands that are considered influential and had the same integrity that our beloved grunge bands did and do. There are a whole slew of other bands that I feel should be praised as much as the bands we discuss i.e. Faith no more, Black flag, fugazi, rage against the machine. Brett do you have any thoughts?

  • vinny

    fuckin awful. My excitment on Jan 1st has turned into disgust now. They’re fuckin awful to the fans. 4 shows, a tv appearance, putting out a 2nd greatest hits album, and they did like what 3 interviews( the mtv and cnn one was all done at the same time because they’re wearing the same clothes) I kinda wish that they never “reunited” if this is how they’re gonna do things.

  • King Cornell 20

    re-release of ‘Hunted Down’ 7? vinyl- Big Deal
    *release of TELEPHANTASM box set (4 versions)- Repackaged A-Sides
    *release of ‘The Telephantasm’ 7? vinyl- So what
    *Appearance on Conan playing ‘Black Rain’ & ‘Hunted Down’ (very cool)- Hunted Down was great but I might be the only person who thought Black Rain was just ok with Chris’s somewhat adequate singing
    *Various magazine & TV/ online interviews- WHICH SAID NOTHING
    *Forward motion on ‘B-Sides’ box set- Forward motion? A release date would be forward motion
    *More shows in the planning… Says who?

  • Zach

    I honnestly wasn’t putting much into this reunion when the news came out. I mean is this really what ‘grunge’ is? Bands that killed themselves, succombed to drugs, or broke up only to come back 13 years later with a new singer, growing their long again, barely any shows, one song that didn’t make the cut, and a second greatest hits record just for the money? Fellows grunge is dead, so move on. It’s not the 90’s anymore, I used to be really into grunge, until I realized how washed up it was and my musical tastes have changed. And to anyone who whines and says I’m “high,” because I find Ten to be one of their worst, is obviously a casual fan and not a true fan of PJ because a true fan at least understands why someone finds Ten one of their worst or their worst. The production was polished, and the songs are overplayed to the point where I don’t want to hear them anymore.

  • King Cornell 20

    Jeez, leave Brett alone guys. It’s a poll, he’s not trying to harm anyone. There is no news unfortunately besides Courtney and Billy right now. PJ and AIC are cooling down the engines right now. Go research the “forward progress” on those b sides and give me a solid quote on ANYONE in the band or otherwise saying there are future shows and then get back to us.

  • King Cornell 20

    Zach, grunge is not dead and “washed up” and with an attitude like that, I find it humorous you are on a site called “grungereport.net”

  • Zach

    King Cornell 20, if grunge is not washed-up, then how come most bands of that label broke up a long time ago and the lead singer goes and produces an album with Timberland as a failed attempt to cash-in on his name, and then say your band is reuniting when you have haven’t done anything except for a couple shows that nobody and another greatest hits record? Sounds pretty washed-up to me.

  • Stan

    Cornell may be washed up – but the music isn’t. It indures and that is why we are here. And many of the musicians of the so called “grunge” scene, that are still alive, are still putting out good music either with their original band or some other. Brett does a good job of gathering that news and keeping us informed.

    I agree Cornell lost his way and I think this Soundgarden reunion had a lot to do with him needing to gain back some credibility. And truth be told even though I don’t think this reunion was handled great, the few times they played live, Chris proved he still has that stellar voice and can still sing strong with Soundgarden. Can’t take that away from him. But I get the impression he doesn’t know what to do with his career. He’s all over the place, struggling to be relevant.

  • suicidal_crybaby

    look dudes.so what .. yea hurry chris .. but were lucky we have half shit

  • suicidal_crybaby

    i got pissed off when i heard it was a Ghits. no songs left ..come on that drunk indian has to have some cool ass riffs . sleeping for five years

  • mc

    More AIC and PJ news…Please.

  • Homerbreyn

    i don’t give a crap if they don’t do a lot since january, all i know is they create real effin music. they are worth the wait..

    Zach = new Stormin’ Norman

  • warriorwoman

    I think Soundgarden is doing what Soundgarden always did best: Their own thing, in their own way, in their own time. I respect that! I hope they stay true to their own convictions. If they did otherwise, and fell to the pressure of media and impatient fans, would they be the Soundgarden that all want them to be? I imagine then we’d see more people whining that they were sellouts. (God how I hate that word!!! Easy cop-out and accusation for fans that don’t get what THEY want!)

    You CAN’T force creativity!!!! And if they’re on tour, how can they find the time to create? Vicious circle, isn’t it?

  • MindRiot132

    I agree with those that say Soundgarden have done their own thing, which I respect and admire. But I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed in their lack of activity this year. No, they have not been as active as I was expecting, but again, can’t really argue the fact that they’re moving at their own pace and are STILL together. Tough call, I said No, but respectfully. I’m shocked by the number of yes’s. From what I’ve read on other boards it sounds as if SG’s reunion has been one of the most boring ever.

  • King Cornell 20

    Zach, I agree with your assessment of Soundgarden, but look around. PJ is going as strong as ever and charting songs higher than they have since Yield. AIC just came out with what I think is a hell of a work. Not an STP fan, but they are touring and came out with a decent album. And SG…well, at least there is a shred of hope they will wake up. If they do, you can say that 3 of the top 4 bands of the grunge era are active, putting out new great music, and touring. Not bad. Granted, this isn’t 1993, but your tastes can “mature” as you put it and you can still like grunge. It is far from an inferior genre of music that teens listen to and then grow up and forget about.

  • King Cornell 20

    I wonder if you would say the same thing about metal, classic rock, and punk. Are they washed up because a lot of those bands are not as big as they were?

  • Zach

    King Cornell 20, you completely misunderstand what I was trying to say. I’m not saying grunge sucks because it is not popular anymore. I really don’t give a sh*t how popular the music is, as long as it is good. And just because the last two PJ albums were more critically acclaimed, does not mean they are more relevant than Binaural and Riot Act. Binaural is very underrated and great, but Riot Act is easily the band’s most underrated and best work to date. And I hate how everyone is saying PJ are getting back together when they never broke at all. They have been around for twenty years, and it is pretty sad that they celebrate is to play mainly hits. What I’m saying is that, grunge bands such as AIC and SG are getting back together just to for the money so they can cash-in on their music. And thats the point, grunge is washed-up because this is what it has become: a bunch of old-geezers who are trying to get on MTV, but have failed to keep their integrity for their music also.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    binaural and riot act >> avocado

  • King Cornell 20

    Zach, I am sorry if I misrepresented your argument, seriously. But in AIC’s case, I disagree. Jerry got the band back out of a love for music and if that’s not a great reunion and comeback story, I don’t know what is. And he is far from an old-geezer. The dude can rock as well as ever. PJ doesn’t just live off their hits. Take a look at their performance on Austin City Limits and tell me the ratio of old stuff to new stuff. I don’t mean to attack you, in fact, I agree with your view of Riot Act. That album is amazing. As far as SG goes, I agree with you. But washed up is a strong term. They can still play. To me, you might mean that they are sellouts. It’s just as controversial, but in a sense, more accurate.

  • Stan

    Zach – PJ don’t celebrate by playing by mainly hits. They play it all. Each set list takes effort to combined hits and stuff for collectors. PJ always sing lesser known songs or covers for the hard core/collectors, and hits for everyone. I’ve been some insane PJ shows where they played 30 plus songs, to walk out and here some idiot complaining they didn’t hear Betterman or Alive. With their catalog you can’t play everyone’s favorite each night.
    And AIC put out a great album. Yes first they put out a best of, and toured on old material – but they toured. They were out there. I saw it as the band feeling themselves out without Layne before they committed to new stuff as a band.
    SG – I never expected a lot of live shows because of Matt’s committment to PJ, but the b-sides – for sure and some mini tour. For the long time fans who have been waiting – a recycled A sides was a huge disappointment. You don’t put out a “Best Of” when the last thing you released was a “Best Of”.

  • Zach

    King Cornell 20, alright maybe not washed-up but selling out. It just made me feel like AIC were getting old, considering the video for “Check my brain,” seemed pretty bland and a lot of the songs on the new AIC album try to hard to be emotional. And Stan, that is what I always loved about PJ as far as a live band. They always change their setlist and played a wide variety of songs, from hits to fan-favorites. Their not U2 playing “With Or Without You” every night, they actually change up their setlist every show inside of playing the same songs over and over again. I don’t think the self-titled album is bad, but I think it is overrated. I mean anyone who claimed it to be a return to their roots are obvisiouly people who just want Ten over and over again and not true fans of PJ. It’s far from their best. Inside Job comes nowhere near as experimental and good as “Bugs, Tremor Christ, In My Tree, Pretent Tense, In Hiding, Do The Evolution, Parting Ways, Sleight Of Hand, Thumbing My Way, Love Boat Captain, or Can’t Keep.

  • Pete

    Damn you guys are greedy assholes.

    Remember this time last year, when SOUNDGARDEN WAS EXTINCT FOR 12 YEARS?!?!?



    Let’s see, how many shows did Soundgarden play, and how many new songs did they release in the following years:

    2009? 0
    2008? 0
    2007? 0
    2006? 0
    2005? 0
    2004? 0
    2003? 0
    2002? 0
    2001? 0
    2000? 0
    1999? 0
    1998? 0

  • Stan

    Pete – that is why people were excited at first about the reunion. Then it didn’t amount to much – 4 performance isn’t all that exciting. Don’t be callin me a damn greedy asshole. SG chose the cash paved route of a 2nd greatest hits through guitar hero, even though they hadn’t released anything since their last greatest hits. For the long time fans and collectors, a decade long rumour of bsides never came to light in the year of the reunion. Sorry I think that’s crap.
    Zach- must of misunderstood your post – I agree with you. Think PJ are give it their all live and treat their fans well. I completely agree with you that Riot Act and Binaural are incredible albums and probably underrated by many. I find it hard to compare PJ albums because I think they are fucking great. I find the old stuff continues to hold up, the new stuff fresh, and enjoy everything in-between. They never put out a bad album.

  • GrungeJunkie

    Alice didn’t sell out. If you had seen Jerry sing Black Gives Way to Blue, you would’ve known that it was for the music and that Alice in Chains is his baby. He already made plenty of money. That new album and getting the band back together was a labor of love and for the fans. They released a very successful new album with a new singer. A new singer in place of the greatest of the grunge vocalists – Layne Staley. That’s not something that would have worked if it were a half-assed effort. Also, Cornell can still sing strong with Soundgarden, Lollapalooza proved that to me. I can’t wait until they get more active. Pearl Jam is always there and strong too. 3 out of the 4 biggest grunge acts are have played live and are putting songs out. STP is killing it still too. When’s Scott isn’t wasted of course. Anyway, patience is a virtue and we shall be rewarded. Nothing good musically happens over night. I’d rather have real music than commercially written, stamped out, cookie-cutter pop-rock crap like Nickelback. Set your sights on Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza 2011. It’s the 10th and 20th anniversaries respectively, so I imagine one of these big grunge acts will be appearing at one or both festivals. Be thankful for what we have. If grunge were dead, this site wouldn’t be here for us to argue, agree, and comment on. Oh.. and we wouldn’t have the great music.

  • Adam S.

    King Cornell 20- you are full of shit. You talk like an ass.

  • Aaron

    I’ve worked in radio and some aspects of the music business and they are doing the textbook example of a band at their age. give them a chance, good bands don’t rush out and please the crowd, that’s how conflicts arise, Soundgarden are obviously treading water to see if they really enjoy working together as a band on stage. I’m positive they will tour. Hell they have done more in many ways then most bands that reunite. New website,new hits packages,new merch, and well they have only done 4 shows, they are optimistic about recording new material and touring. the band is simply saying “hey were back”. they are probably having several meetings with management about tours and how schedules will run and much more.This stuff takes time and planing. They could be like STP(another good band)and tour like crazy release an album that’s less then great and just make people happy or they could stay quiet and plan a big surprise. relax Soundgarden will come through, Legendary bands always do in the end. I want to see them live so bad and i know it will happen.

  • Zach

    Adam S, King Cornell 20 is right, fuck you idiot.

  • Zach

    Adam, your the one that is full of shit.

  • Zach

    I guess there will be a new Cornell solo album out instead.

  • Zach

    It wouldn’t be surprising

  • Zach

    There hasn’t been any news lately so no they have not been that active.

  • Zach

    Only voted once.

  • Zach

    Someone voted more than once.

  • Zach

    A lot of times.

  • Zach

    Brett, please make the poll vote only once!

  • Ashley

    Zach, you are so stuck-up if you assume that someone is not a “true PJ fan” if Ten is their favorite album.

  • tmekt

    Wow, this really is a Soundgarden hate club

  • al

    A tour would be nice. Maybe too much to ask, but i’d love a chance to see them one more time! I am on the fence on new music tho…. Chris’ latest have been, well, uh… let’s just say below par.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    Wow! Getting a little heated here! Look, I’m a big time “grunge” music fanatic. AIC and Soundgarden have always been my 2 favorite bands of all time. Alice’s re-union was pretty special, I was lucky enough to catch their NY show and they sounded tremendous! They still rock, they sound great, and their new album is pretty incredible. Soundgarden’s reunion has been somewhat of a disappointment. I agree that maybe Cornell has lost his way and is attempting to get the old band back together to save some face after basically making a hip hop/R&B album. I would like to see more from Soundgarden. That being said, lets give it a chance here guys. Lets see how 2011 pans out before we write them off as “washed up”.

  • http://Hardrockrevolution.com Trey

    Voted: Hell NO!

    I love those fans that remain optimistic for a Soundgarden tour, but the latest announcement of CC’s acoustic tour seems to show just where CC’s priorities are. Solo artist, first. I’m over being disappointed by what I’ve read and not seen from this “reunion.” I will most likely attend the acoustic tour in the spring. I’ve seen him twice before Scream, and he is a very good live performer.