Somebody send them a big money offer so they’ll get back together!

Stone Temple Pilots’ firing of frontman Scott Weiland yesterday has divided fans. Many are angry at STP for booting Scott and have vowed to stay by his side, while others think Weiland deserved his firing due to showing up late at shows and causing shows to be canceled. Whose side are you on, Team STP (DeLeo brothers/Eric Kretz) or Team Weiland?

Are you on Team STP or Team Weiland?
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More news is expected to come out from the firing, but STP’s manager (photographed below) could not be reached for comment.

  • the keeper

    The fact that this is the second time Scott has been fired from STP and that he was fired from Velvet Revolver is telling…

    Team STP on this one, I hope Scott gets the help he needs to be healthy. Acting like a primadonna and starting unnecessary drama a la Axl Rose is not good for a band

  • RickDeckard

    How about team “Who gives a fuck?” Or team “Neither?”

    I love STP’s post reunion stuff. I listen to Purple and Tiny on the regular. But this reunion was probably the most disappointing reunion in rock history. Random sporadic touring in the beginning, and then a record two years later. That record was the solidification that these guys are has-beens.

    Maybe the DeLeo/Kretz thing could still bear some fruit. Not that convinced, though.

  • RickDeckard

    STP’s pre reunion stuff*

  • BillyL

    STP all the way. Getting fired could be what Weiland needs to clean up once and for all.

  • Anth

    Weiland definitely needed to be reprimanded/punished for his lack of professionalism, but the DeLeos and Eric should have just stepped up and announced that THEY were leaving STP. Release a statement saying how Scott is impossible to work with and they can’t continue putting on mediocre shows because fans deserve better. It’s totally one-sided, but it would paint them in a better light than a one-sentence “Scott is fired” email. Now he looks like the victim that’s being ganged up on, especially with his comment that this was all a surprise to him. There’s no way that’s true, but they foolishly gave him the chance to spin the story first.

    I realize they want to use the name because Talk Show and AoA went nowhere, but this isn’t like AIC where they can pass it off as a “tribute” to Layne, and Weiland is the only recognizable figure in STP so they can’t assume nobody will notice. The name is only valuable when Scott is attached.

  • Scott Weiland

    Hey Brett when are you changing over to the new domain scottweilandreport.net

  • Brett Buchanan

    In all seriousness, we’ll switch to AlternativeNation in mid March. I don’t want to announce an exact date until the layout is all figured out (we’re working on it now).

  • Walter Paisley

    Get Billy Corgan to front the band.

  • scott

    No one is saying they will continue using the name, so that’s just speculation that likely won’t be true. They didn’t use the name when they brought in that Koutz guy or whoever the fuck for Talk Show. If Richard Patrick has the time they should play with him again. Yeah the album didn’t sell well, but it really was a great record.

  • Coptheriotact

    Clearly Scott Weiland is causing all the trouble, but theres no need to fire anyone. They could just remain inactive rather than completely destroy the band.

    Team Weiland.

  • Greg

    Scott is a master of negative press. He’s doin it for over 20 years now. What a promo for his new solo tour.

  • Pingfah

    I’m not on team anything. I don’t care what they call the band, whoever has the legal right to use it can go right ahead as far as I am concerned.

    All I care about is whether their next projects, be that STP with a different singer, solo albums for Weiland, or STP in its original incarnation are actually good or not. Because that’s what true music fans care about, music. The rest is just marketing.

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    It’s not like STP is going to do anything without Scott. Why announce his ‘termination,’ rather than say that the group is “disbanding,” because SW is a worthless junkie. I mean literally, fucking being a rockstar is the EASIEST fucking job in the world. Talent aside, of course… just showing up for the shows remotely on time, maybe doing some signings, meet & greets. Let’s see, what else… it’s all fucking cake shit!
    This dude could never handle the responsibility of a REAL job and I guarantee that’s what he’s going to be forced into doing within the next few years. He’ll be annoying the piss out of his co-workers at the Sprint Mobile store–“I don’t have to listen to you, I was in STP! I was famous!”
    STP was awesome in the mid-late 90’s. Back then the last thing I would have ever thought is that I’d read in 15 years somewhere that Scott Weiland got FIRED from STP.. so crazy

  • L.Pumpkin

    i hope that both sides will find success

  • Dan

    I really liked Talk Show, AOA and Scott’s solo albums, so I will continue to follow both. I look forward to hearing Scott’s new album and will be interested in hearing anything that The DeLeo brothers and Kretz release.

    That said…

    I think it would be a mistake for STP to go on with a new singer using the STP moniker.

  • Dan

    The announcement that Scott Weiland was “terminated” suggests that the band will continue (as STP) with a new singer. Otherwise they would have stated that the band is breaking up.

    If STP don’t plan on going on with a new vocalist, they should issue a press-release stating so. I wish that they would give an interview soon so we will know what their plans are.

  • ShaneC

    I’m not on either “team”.

    I hope they both carry on.

    I do, however, believe that if the Deleo’s do something new, it will sounds better than anything Weiland does.

    Weiland can work on his Easter pop album while Doug Grean stuffs his face with Creme Eggs, and The Deleo’s can make a rock album with a non-diva frontman.

  • morcegohoman

    Right on ShaneC!

    Weiland wouldn’t even record in the same room as the rest of the band on the last album. he has been a roadblock diva forevvvvvver.

    Give the name “Stone Temple Pilots” to those that appreciate it and want to use it to make more music.

    They’ve been back together since 2008 and have only put out 1 album, and I blame SW.

  • NeverTheMachine

    Nice Spinal Tap reference by the way

  • Curmudgeon

    Wanting to make a new STP record: Weiland
    Wanting to do Core anniversary tour: Weiland
    Wanting to play pure & core to make fans happy: Weiland

    Not cooperating: Team STP
    Sitting at home doing nothing: Team STP

    At least SW is trying to do something

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    Yeah… he’s trying to get a load on. Everything else is just background noise Crumbuttchin

  • Craigory52

    STP are going nowhere without Weiland. Although I actually did like the Army For Anyone project. However, that didn’t last did it.

  • Butthead

    STP sucks.

  • Butthead

    …the wind out of my rooftop!

  • GwynnKatie

    Ahhh yeah! Spinal Tap!!!
    I wondered where I had seen that face before.
    Heh — Thanks.
    The DeLeo brothers & Eric Kretz.

  • James

    Give me a shot at the title…I would put the rock back into STP…www.arsonradio.com and http://www.reverbnation.com/praisethefallen Ive been a trying to get into the industry for 20 years and this guy just burns it all up on drugs and shit…There are musicians out there like me that would never take an opportunity like this for granted..I will never understand it I guess? Rock On.

  • Stosh

    Spinal Tap

  • Allura Music

    Although I do like and respect the Deleo brothers. I’m going to have to side with Scott on this one….. I just like him better. 🙂

  • ejsme

    Pretty much exactly what Anth said. Very well put!

    Scott might be a pain in butt to work with and screws it all up for them, but to they should just disband or not do anything and just wait things out. To fire him is just stupid. I love STP and feel horrible for the Deleos having to deal with Weiland’s problems for ever but this was just a dumb move. Also, I do find Scott’s comments about the other guys wanting to just keep doing greatest hits interesting. Don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not.

  • Eric

    Weiland’s a great front man, but obviously has some sort of issues. What was the last band he WASN’T kicked out of?

  • Nick

    Im a stone temple pilots fan unlike most of u fuckers who are scott weiland fans. Dont get me wrong i love scott but i am a fan of THE BAND as well. I have no view on who is write and who is wrong although still upset.

  • johncarone@verizon.net

    Is this becoming Twilight or The Hunger Games. Brett? Honestly, i know you want Billy Corgan or Axl Rose to sing for STP now, but why don’t we think outside the box here. How about Trent Reznor or Josh Homme with STP? 😮

  • whydidiputmyfuckingemail

    Or hell, why don’t we get Chad Kroger?

  • Calvin McLain

    Surprised to see it’s so close…

    But I guess Weiland is a rock star, so the way he’s acting isn’t outside the realm of a typical rock star…

  • Calvin McLain

    I’m curious as to how you definitively know any of this Curmudgeon?

    Wanting to make a new STP record: Weiland
    Wanting to do Core anniversary tour: Weiland
    Wanting to play pure & core to make fans happy: Weiland

    Not cooperating: Team STP
    Sitting at home doing nothing: Team STP

    At least SW is trying to do something

  • paulonious

    they only fired him so he couldn’t go ahead using the name. legal shit. that’s all. they’ve never used the name before, why start now? there would be a massive backlash over it.

  • Raj

    Team Weiland all the way, because the reality is that STP is nothing without Scott and his vocals. This is the same reason why VR was never able to replace Scott.

  • Lennart

    I think Scott is a washed up mess, but it’s sad that you have to whore him out like this Brett.

  • Boom

    I have to take a wicked shit