Pixies Fire New Bassist Kim Shattuck

The Pixies have fired new bassist Kim Shattuck. Shattuck tweeted the following today:

“Disappointed to learn that my time w/Pixies ended today. Amazing experience.Focusing attn on Muffs & new album. All the best to everyone.”

Shattuck replaced original bassist Kim Deal after Deal’s June 2013 departure.

  • iLeonD

    That’s a shame. She’s very talented.

    The Pixes tho… They had the grand return, the new music… They are a festival act now. They’ll get decent cash for the use of the name on show posters, play the 50 minute set, and get paid. Too bad Kim couldn’t have been apart of that cash cow.


    Oh yeah, the PIXIES have ruined any real part of their alternative rock legacy with firing the other Kim in the band, Kim Shattuck and Kim Deals will always be a part of that original girl riot sound of the late 1980s and 1990s. You just can’t mess with good rock music anymore, you simply can’t. This band should return to their roots and still make a name for themselves in todays culture.

    • Hoogie

      Kim Deal quit, Kim Shattuck was fired. Hopefully they can get Kim Gordon or Kim Jong-un on bass now!

  • airmass

    Maybe Kim Deal is coming back???? The Breeders XXLS tour ends in December

  • drew

    is kim gordon next for the gig?

    or kim thayil?

    • Search and destroy

      Kim Thayil awesome

  • Duncan

    get the lawwhore form the smashing pumpkins. the one on crack

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    She must’ve had the wrong kinda fairy dust for them there pixies!