• Andrei

    Struck my the Mellon Collie, eh Billy?

  • Andrei


  • David

    That’s clearly a different guitar to the one in last pic that was posted here.

    To lose one parent guitar may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both 2 looks like carelessness.
    Oscar Wilde

  • Brett

    The one I posted before was a backup/replacement guitar I think, I’ll have to double check.

  • not4you
  • mullets4u2me

    This is not the guitar stolen. the one that was stolen is the one used in the Viewforia video SLUNK. it has the large head stock, that says Stratocaster in big letters on the headstock, unlike the one that is shown above, and has psychedelic colors through the body. Billy has a backup of this guitar that looks very similar but not as cool there are several differences on the paint job. Its posted on the SP facebook page under profile pics.