The following comes from the official twitter account of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC):

UFC ‏@ufc
Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis enjoying #UFC155 Octagonside: pic.twitter.com/8bnxThRE

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  • Andrei

    That’s one fine lady Kiedis is banging nowadays.

  • Joe

    That is such a PORN stache

    I know this wont be a popular comment but Ill take RHCP last 3 albums over their first 3 anyday, I love their new stuff since BY THE WAY

  • Evan

    I agree with you Joe. The past three have been quality. Even I’m With You which a lot of people don’t seem to think.

  • me

    the jagger of the funk

  • Search and Destroy

    He is def showing support for OFF!

  • brad

    WOW a celebrity at a major sporting event???

    no way!!