Irene wasn’t invited, but more than 600 of Ernie Boch Jr.’s nearest and dearest ignored the hurricane warnings Saturday night and descended on the car czar’s Norwood manse for a rockin’ end-of-the-summer bash featuring a performance by Stone Temple Pilots’ main man Scott Weiland, belly dancers, a near-drowning and lots of scandalicious behavior. All in all, the party of the year!

The Auto Mile magnate transformed his expansive grounds into an outdoor nightclub for the fete, which got rolling under drizzly skies and unbearable humidity. But the approaching storm didn’t exactly put a damper on the festivities.

The free-flowing watermelon mojitos and tons of Asian-inspired cuisine whipped up by chef Tony Ambrose’s Ambrosia Events & Catering and the staff from Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger put everyone in a party mood. Everyone except Weiland, who was in full-on rock star mode!

Word is, the temperamental frontman refused to do a meet-and-greet with his host and 40 handpicked pals, offering to instead do one for 12, then cutting it to just two. He also had the usual list of rock star demands, including a fleet of SUVs for him and his posse — which, when you think of it, probably wasn’t a problem for the Boch Automotive empire heir.

“There were many ‘Get Him to the Greek’ moments,” Ernie told us. “And that’s all I want to say.”

  • PiE

    wtf happened to his face?

  • chris

    whoa he looks terrible! what the hell!?

  • lou

    Someone is looking alittle chubby:)

  • Chris J.

    That’s Scott Weiland?

  • Paul

    I think it’s his eyebrows. Doesn’t it look like he just had plastic surgery?

  • Grungy

    Balloons, clowns, party ready…. Oh and Scott Weiland. Can’t have a party without him. All kidding aside he must be desperate for $$$ if he’s doing this shit. His face looks like wax, maybe he just waterproofed it for Irene.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    brett.. y u no review RHCP’s I’m with you ?

  • ChaChi8

    he looks like pee wee herman.
    thought it seemed cool as hell to have him at a party until i read further that he was a douchebag to the guy who hosted. happy that he is “sober” but he is getting very strange……

  • dennis

    who’s the hot babe, is that scott’s wife!

  • cosmicatomic

    Drugs and plastic surgery appear to be the only thing keeping Weiland alive.

  • Jimmy

    What the fuck? A few months ago Weiland looked young and great and like himself, now he looks bloated and ten years older and wrinkled…and gay? Hope he’s not on drugs again cos it looks like it…

  • Stephen

    The hot babe is Enza Sambataro, the ex-wife of Kevin Youkilis (3B on the Red Sox). She is always popping up on the high society pages of the Boston papers. She probably boinked Weiland. Looks like she boinks anybody with a name. Heck, she even dated Ben Affleck.

  • mjf6866

    every one of those pictures are just odd to me…he looks plasticy/odd/pee wee herman-ish. lol

  • Erik

    Yeah those shots of him are unsettling in the extreme. Definitely something’s “up” with his face, IE, surgical altercation a’goin on.

    All this side shit is so distracting and stupid. He should stick to buckling down creating more Pilots songs. Cook up another record. Don’t fuck with your eyebrows.

  • KingDonkey

    Enza Sambataro and Erine Boch Jr. Robert McGee must be going crazy. Maybe he already is $3400 dollars for a rental home in Hingham, seriously Rob McGee. You think Enza is bad this one is worst hell of alot worst. Rob Run. Run Far and fast from this one. Rob McGee run like the wind. Enza Sambataro gave you a child, this one will just take your wallet. Rob please take this as a warning if you find this message. Rob please dont fall for the same old tricks

  • really

    @ King Donkey? Are you referring to Rob’s new girlfriend? If so I agree! Nasty, miserable, fake, nutty, b*tch!