• Leo

    Is that portrait on the wall of Ralph Fiennes?

  • RödeOrm

    That dog must be fucking deaf by now.

  • be

    NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING 🙂

  • Luke

    i would give anything to be that dog

  • King Cornell 20

    +1 Luke

  • chaos10

    Uh, if Matt wearing culottes/ yoga pants in that last picture?

  • bk

    Its Pete townshend

  • random_hero

    @leo is a portrait of Pete Townshend, there is also one of Chris Cornell there too that is not pictured.

  • Grungy

    He’s not deaf just blind plus The dog is helping out. If there out of tune he squirts #1 until there in tune and if they need to hide the smell of Matt’s hemp he makes #2

  • Pete

    Matt’s going to playing guitar??? Who’s on drums then, McCready? Seems like an odd decision for the upcoming 20 year reunion.

  • Luke

    lol matts probably just showing them a song he wrote, not getting ready to take lead guitar off mcready

  • Lennart

    Pete, they are all songwriters. So he is just showing a song he wrote.