• Calvin McCain

    That doesn’t look very comfortable where they are unwrapping those presents. Marble floors, no thank you. That looks to be just wrapping paper that Chris is sitting on, ouch, that’s gotta be just a 10minute present opening ceremony. I do like the all black theme they’re all sporting. But that place just looks like my Grandma’s which from the source of the tweet very well may be where they are.

  • Sarah Thurman

    It looks and sounds to me like they all had a delightful time and a very Merry Christmas, proudly shared by a loving grandmother 🙂

  • http://www.chriscornell.org.uk ccfanpage

    The photos at @tonikaras’s Twitter are great for those who love seeing a happy family Christmas celebration! I expect all that wrapping paper had to be cleared up in time for dinner – there’s a nice photo of the family Christmas table as put together by Mrs Vicky Cornell.

  • Superunknown

    Is that a Johnny Ramone bobble head??? LOL

  • Ed

    I love that they are all in the festive BLACK attire for the holiday!!

  • Lisa

    Nice to see him together with his family on the holidays!
    Unwrapping presents with his kids 🙂

  • warriorwoman25

    I love that they share their “family time” with their fans. Thanks Toni Karayiannis & the Cornells!!!