Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky recently performed a baptism for their godson Alden, the son of their friends Alexandra Osipow. Here are some photos from the baptism posted by Vicky Cornell on Twitter.

  • Superunknown

    This is ironic. lol.

  • Electric Fun

    i think i got it Superunknown.

  • Bruno Silvio Martins

    Holy water is rusting me!

  • Leonidas-Greece

    Great to Chris,in an Orthodox Baptism

  • JOJO

    “Birth Ritualll….Rituallll!”

  • Medea

    Aww :3

  • Elle

    Ok He’s really doing the Jesus Christ pose. 🙂 I love it!

  • paul

    why do celebrities post this shit on social media? that’s beyond my comprehension.

    • halitcka

      you must be an unbeliever, you are truly missing love of Christ in your life. Rethink and re purpose.

  • Jetsonic69



  • Kallio


    I never understood it, either. Especially when it’s about pictures of children, who are obviously too young enough to decide whether they like it or not. If you were really happy, why would you bother proving it?!

    • halitcka

      People who believe in Jesus Christ, believe in the holy sacrament of baptism.

  • Kris

    100% agree with Paul on this! I don’t get it either! I mean … who gives a shit?!

  • Junior

    It’s a special day in their life and they wanted to share it with special people…their fans? He’s not just a big movie star who signs a few autographs and keeps walking and doing the “celebrity thing”, he has close personal shows on his solo tours. He cracks jokes and interacts great with his fans. Maybe this brings him and his fans closer then the normal “celebrity” might be. Just a thought.

  • Kallio

    Most celebrities do exactly the same on Twitter. Posting pictures of their neighbor’s dog, the first tooth of their friend’s baby… How is it suppose to bring him closer to his fans? This is actually the “normal” celebrity attitude.

  • Junior

    You’re not following. I’m not saying that posting pics brings him closer, I’m saying that the way he interacts with his fans at his shows and actually listens and responds in between songs brings him closer to his fans, therefore resulting in an answer for your “why do celebrities post these pics”. I’ve learned to not to group celebrities into one big “category” just because they’re celebrities.They all have different motives to do things for different reasons, it’s up to you to decide what those reasons are. As a fan, and seeing and noticing how Cornell interacts with his fans and how appreciative and passionate he is about music and the fans that really love it, he seems genuine and to me things like this are very fitting for him. No motive behind it, just sharing a special moment of his with his fans. There’s also those other “celebrities”” out there that do these things just for the “show” of it and they want some kind of gimmicky result from it, but like I said it’s up to you to decide who’s portraying that “big celebrity image” or who is just being a real person sharing real things with the people they care about. I feel that throughout my years of living, I’ve been able to garner a pretty good reading on people, and 95% of people in life do not know how to do things for themselves, without factoring in what it may look like from others and how they can do different things to make others see them in a way that they want to be seen. From watching Cornell, he seems to be past that way of thinking, if it feels like a good idea to HIM, then he does it. Just my view on things though, we all have our views, right?

  • YoMama

    The photos were posted by his wife on her twitter feed. Was this an official celebrity posting, or a personal posting? Maybe it would have been better if she used a different medium where the photos would only be seen by personal friends and contacts, not for the whole world, but don’t get on their case because they have a life and share their stuff just like anyone else. Entertainment news outlets will pull information from wherever they can find it.

  • Me

    I enjoy seeing these pics of Chris and normal everyday life. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting them.

  • fan

    This stuff is rarely down to Chris. Vicky is a media, publicity seeker. Reminds me of Victoria Beckam, she loves the attention!!

  • Wallace

    He Posted the pictures to proclaim his faith & Orthodoxy to the world!

    Glory to God! Christ conquers!

  • marilyn davis

    I think it is nice but too personal, I wouldn’t want my child’s picture on there . Baptisms are sacred , like funerals but everything is on the internet now.Whitney Houston’s for example. Now they have to close the cemetery to just the ones that have their family in that cemetery.Again a sacred place that should not be disrespected…

  • fan

    Orthodoxy??? wasn’t he bought up in the catholic faith? wondeer what or who changed his mind!


    Yes he was brought up catholic. he had to change to marry…you guessed it, Vicky. Yes to the post that this is all up to Vicky. I mean she is the one who posted the pics in the first place. She calls all of the shots in the relationship and pretty much his whole life. I don’t think Chris really has much to do with a lot of, shall we say ,these “questionable” decisions.

  • EvenFlow

    I don’t understand why any person posts videos and stuff on the Internet and twitter and Facebook.
    The whole world is on the same page. It’s hard to understand to explain the thought in my head but the whole world is linked to each other.
    If the computers went down most people could not function properly it’s crazy.

  • Jesse

    I like that Chris looks happy in the photos at least. But it is a hard call. I am not sure I would post pictures of my child on the net. But this is the direction the world seems to be going. Kids live their lives on the computer and record and post their every thought and move. It is like everybody is living their own reality show. It’s getting a little bit too “big brother” for me.!

  • Fr John

    He is not “performing” the baptism. The Priest is actually doing the baptism. He is, however, performing the duties assigned to godparents at an Eastern Orthodox baptism. These duties include presenting the child for baptism, assisting with the clothing of the child, and speaking on behalf of the child.