• Dan

    Sophomoric and lame.

    Keep it to the review, news updates, etc.

  • Brett Buchanan


  • Brett Buchanan

    You poopyhead.

  • Seth

    Brett: 1
    Dan: 0

  • Dan

    I am a big fan of this site, but crap like this is stupid, unfunny and tarnishes the site and it loses some of its journalistic integrity. Your updates are very helpful and your reviews and lists are great, why spoil what is otherwise a great site with this kind of stupidity?

  • http://www.lemonlang.net nevernamed

    Agree with Dan..
    You either are trying to be legit, or not.

  • bob

    Agreed with the other users. There’s some great content and frequent interesting news but this site is still pretty unprofessional. Cringe.

  • enough

    this is a bullshit site being run by a kid who wasnt even born during the grunge era. what a joke. get off your moms tit, quit being a joke and immature and maybe, just maybe, you might actually get some credentials and youll be able to do your own interviews. always posting someones sloppy seconds doesnt make you a legit website.

  • Dan

    I think about 90-95% of the site is actually really good. It’s more of a fanzine, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that the “comedy” needs to go.

  • Brett Buchanan


    I’m trying to make the site get more hits. If we were to be boring and serious like the other sites I’d have no interest in doing it and also the site would lose its unique voice. Traffic in the last 2 weeks (all time high) indicates that I’m right.

  • Brett Buchanan


    Even when we were more serious we didn’t get press credentials, ass kissing only takes you so far, a site called ‘Grunge Report’ is too niche to get press passes/huge interviews.

    We’ll be changing names soon though which will expand traffic, once traffic is at a certain number we’ll get more stuff like that. PR companies ALWAYS ask about traffic, they could give two fucks about what I’m doing on the site. And like I said, the sarcasm of this site is part of the formula of its growing success.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Also ‘sloppy seconds’ works out fine because I make stories out of other sites interviews (while also promoting them). I pick out the most interesting thing and make that the headline, an appealing headline like that, a story, actually (at least on this site) draws more hits than an actual interview on GrungeReport.net at least.

  • CLoDown

    Right on Brett!!! I’m in your corner man..

  • Chris J.

    They talk all that shit, but my comments won’t even post… Lammmmme… I like this site, even though its a little TMZ’ish, and yes there is sometimes some super lame shit, but it is pretty much the only site that covers these bands all the time, other sites hardly care… So you get some, you give up on something else, but at least it’s about all my favorite 90’s babds that others sites seem to hardly touch or give a fuck about. All hear about elsewhere is lame ass shit about Mumford n Sons, The Lumineers, FUN, Taylor Swift and all the rest of the worst god awful bands that for sone reason the masses love to death… But. Wait. This comment probably won’t even post, somehow moderated. F that.

  • O.B.gene

    you’ve had high traffic over the last 2 weeks because of this STP business, not because of your ‘humor’

  • Chris J.

    HA. It posted. Stop moderating my other shiet yo! Chris J. J motha lovin Chris CJ greport mang

  • Bob

    I don’t think people care about the growing success of the site. The ‘sarcasm’ isn’t funny. That’s the issue. It’s cringe-y. If you had pages with genuinely funny content that’d be ok. But it’s not. And that will put people off. All the best.

  • Riley R.

    I think these sort of things gives the site personality. I also go to Loudwire daily, but I’ve never laughed from content on that site. This site is news and fun! Wowzers!

  • AnyColourYouLike

    After reading these comments, I swear people need a sense of humor…

  • http://www.lemonlang.net nevernamed

    Ok Brett. You can look at traffic as a good thing. But sites like TMZ get traffic and are trash.. You do a good job covering these bands and getting a lot of information out there that isn’t that easy to find, but you do post some tabloid nonsense, which doesn’t do anything positive for your site.. You have a lot of good things going on here, you just need to mature a little focus on the music rather than tabloid nonsense. Otherwise, you should just keep the name grungereport.. Since afterall, you’re changing it to gain respect and credibility, correct?

  • Brett Buchanan

    nevernamed, I’m changing it for more traffic and so I can cover more bands. I post shit here that I find interesting and funny. The music interests me, but the tabloid stuff is funny and part of the bands we cover’s careers. It also brings in traffic. I post stuff here that I would want to read. Also the people who claim to hate these types of stories always seem to read them.

  • Mia

    I don’t mind stuff like this on the site but the last couple of weeks it seems like its been 95% STP/Scott Weiland back and forth and not very much actual news, whereas before it was 50% what Billy Corgan has to say and 50% actual news. Is there really no other news right now other than the STP stuff? It just looks bad when this stuff is the majority of the articles every day and there are few substance filled articles.

  • J. Chris

    I thought this comic was funny. This is the funny I like on grungereport, dunno what your guys problem is on this one. The trashy dumb shit is the stuff I don’t like on grungereport, like Weilands boner, and trashing bands being biased just to generate traffic. That shit sucks, but I thought this was the kind of humor that belongs on greport. Ya know?

  • america

    got better sttuf here in oklahomanot your seattle shit

  • Scott McLean

    I didn’t see any mermaids in there.

  • Scott McLean

    I like this site and what you’re doing covering these bands and Grunge in general. Great job!

  • Brett Buchanan


    The site is like this, when there’s a hot story usually there’s A LOT of stuff to it. Like Corgan trashing his ex-bandmates, Cornell vs. Corgan, the Soundgarden reunion etc. Also these bands are all more part time, so usually only a handful at a time are actually doing anything.

    I might have missed out on a few Smashing Pumpkins/Soundgarden/AIC setlists because of it, but right now this is the big story.