Official Nirvana In Utero Super-Deluxe box set features:

Disc 1 – Remastered Original Album + B-Sides & Bonus Tracks.

Disc 2 – Original Album + 2013 Mixed Demos.

Disc 3 – The Full Unreleased Live and Loud performance from 1993 (audio.)

Disc 4 – The Full Unreleased Live and Loud performance from 1993 (DVD) + Bonus videos.

  • Paul Kneitz

    I want that poster!

  • Dennis

    So what’s the damage? If I remember right, the Nevermind deluxe was well over $100.

  • Andrei

    It’s about 97 GBP, which is roughly $150.

  • robbyghoul

    I used to have that poster back when i was 12 or so…only the logo was centered under them. And You’d figure they would put out the straight “albini mix” as part of this set. Then you could have a 3 disc comparison of the straight albini, commerical scott litt version, and jack endino remaster. Endino was the one doing the remastered album right?

  • chris

    looks great but no way is that worth over 100 pounds, more like 50 pounds id say. If they do what pearl jam did and added loads of vinyl too and a few other things, id pay it!

  • Miss Baiter

    $$$$ Rape Me, Rape Me Again $$$$

  • Raj

    Now I think I’m definitely going to have to buy it. That’s cool how three CDs and one DVD form the angel lady.

  • http://asd sergio

    Finally the full concert! I’m pretty disappointed about the fact that there won’t be any blu-ray version of it!

  • Paul Kneitz

    3CD+1DVD SUPER DELUXE BOX SET will be $150.
    3LP ANNIVERSARY EDITION will be $60.
    2CD DELUXE EDITION will $30.
    1CD will be $10.
    LIVE AND LOUD DVD will be $25.

    With these prices, I’ll save my money and listen to it on Spotify.

  • Kirill

    damn it, someone buy it for me plz!

  • unglue

    Price matter for nirvana? WTF

    go to Youtube till the right time when someone post it on the website.

    • unglue

      you must get it. It will be worth.
      It’s not the matter of price.

  • danimal

    Damn man for 180 bucks you’d hope it would include a lot more

  • Jack Irons

    Not one pic of Eddie Vedder? Who the fuck would want it? Not me.

  • Tony_R

    the price is probably going to go down. nevermind super deluxe went down to 120, it was at least 160. im guessing in utero will be about 100.00 even.

  • Sean

    As a man who works and makes a decent amount of $, I have no problem spending $150 for the super deluxe. If I was a 14 year old kid bagging groceries, then maybe I’d be upset about the price. But I’m a big boy and spending $150 isn’t going to force me into bankruptcy.

    I have already bought the Super Deluxe and the 3 LP set. Cant wait to get it!