Perry Farrell Hints At His Wife Possibly Having An Affair

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell posted the following tweet about his wife Etty just minutes ago before quickly deleting it:

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 12.43.50 PM

Farrell also posted a Facebook message last night, which could be completely unrelated, but here it is:

i am lonely. I am surrounded by friends and family, but I don’t feel as if anyone really cares I am around. You know how people are these days. They are staring into their phone or iPad, and they think they are conversing with you- but they aren’t looking at you. I feel as though their listening is arduous. I almost feel bad- for making them take the time to listen. I think I need to start performing again. The best thing about performing is that everyone is there -to listen. Maybe that’s why I became a singer. Because when I am not singing. I feel lonely.

If Farrell’s account was hacked or he posts a followup tweet retracting that statement, we will post an update.  If the story is true, we wish the Farrell family all the best during this trying time.

  • Bill Austeh

    He should see what the average slob goes through. He has money and fame to get so many people around him. This sounds more like made up BS. I am sure he has cheated.

    If not then find a new wife.

  • bonado

    I wanna fuck her.

    • Coolmaster

      Her face has too much plastic surgery on it, he can score a much (naturally) hotter wife now.

      • bonado

        I hope her pussy is plastic too.
        Love futile whores.

  • Coolmaster

    He is a rockstar, now he can fuck all the young and hot groupies in the world, poor man, I feel really sorry for him… XD

  • Wam Meesly

    If this were true, that woman is a fool. Perry is worth hundreds of millions (he owns the JA, PFP, Satellite Party catalogs, has stake in numerous liquor companies and restaurants, and is President and CEO of a little festival named Lollapalooza), the lifestlye that he lives is absolutely unbelievable. He and I should switch places if he’s unhappy. I love JA but he should get back on drugs, or whatever it takes to write that incredible music, and make more of it.

    • Corndog

      Yeah, but money can’t buy you happiness……….

      Whoever originally said that clearly didn’t fucking have any!