Both Gossard and Walla recalled memories of University of Washington’s KCMU, the Seattle public radio station that was key in supporting the area’s emerging rock scene in the ’80s and early ’90s.

“[KCMU successor KEXP] is probably one of the most influential music design organizations out there in terms of their impact in Seattle, but also their impact worldwide… And the model that they’re working with… which is they’re trusting their DJs to an enormous degree to create this blend that people are going to love… Their fans are supporting it,” Gossard mused, discussing the station’s transformation from college radio hub KCMU to the current KEXP in 2001. He also cites the station’s ongoing support of Pearl Jam and his other long-running band Brad, which released a new album, “United We Stand,” this week.

He continued: “And that’s a huge key, that you can create something with it’s own fingerprint that people will feel a real emotional connection with that they will support it without a typical selling detergent model sort of rock radio. That’s exciting. That’s pretty cool.”

  • Junior

    Can’t help but like this guy. The new Brad album is an amazing piece of work. I haven’t been able to take it out.

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