Tonight, Pearl Jam played a rare show at the Adams Center in Missoula, MT, not too far from Jeff Ament’s hometown of Big Sandy. This wasn’t an ordinary gig though. A handful of tickets were sold through Senator Jon Tester’s website; according to this article, those who paid $250 for a ticket got an evening reception with Pearl Jam, and those that parted with $500 were able to eat pizza with the band, Tester, and anyone else who shelled out that cash.

Once again though, Pearl Jam flexed its political muscle, its appearance there in part garnered to get younger people interested in voting, particularly in the race between Tester and candidate Danny Rehberg, which is getting close.

“I can’t tell you how important it is to vote,” Ament said. “I think that particular campaign really made me realize how empowering it is to vote and what a difference one person can make.”

The fact that Eddie Vedder managed to raise over a million dollars during a recent Obama rally certainly isn’t lost on Tester, and it’s likely he’s hoping that something similar could happen for him.

“It’s no surprise that after raising $1.7 million for President Obama, Pearl Jam would come to the aid of Sen. Tester, who supports Obama 95 percent of the time in Washington,” said Rehberg spokesman Chris Bond about the concert.


  • Chainsgarden

    Sad to see what Vedder has turned into. I wish I could pay 500 dollars to fucking eat pizza with them. Odds are they won’t have any viewers because all Obama supporters are on food stamps and can’t afford to go

  • Brooks

    you mean a fundraiser *could* raise funds????! maybe soundgarden’s new album *could* sell albums too!

  • Jack

    It was AWESOME in 2000 when Ed preached about Nader to cost Gore votes in Florida.
    How few votes did Bush win Florida by? Ed played to 50,000 fans that summer in Florida. Thanks ED!!!!!
    What happened in 2008 when Nader ran then??
    He seemed to forget about him and preached about Obama.

    I’d say “Sing don’t Preach” but even when he remembers his lyrics, he sounds horrible!!
    Keep up the smoking Ed!!! Maybe American Spirit cigarettes can sponsor the next tour!

  • unk

    So Peyton Manning and John Elway are republicans and strong Romney supporters.

    And the Seahawks wanted to sign Manning this offseason because..?