Pearl Jam To Perform On Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Pearl Jam are set to perform on “The Late Show” With Stephen Colbert. CBS has officially revealed the lineup for the third week of “The Late Show” episodes, which includes the popular Grunge group among a range of others. Pearl Jam are slated to perform on September 23rd. You can view the full list below:

CBS’ official “Late Show” listings follow:

Thursday, Sept. 10 Vice President Joe Biden; Uber CEO Travis Kalanick; musical performance by Toby Keith

Friday, Sept. 11 Comedian Amy Schumer; author Stephen King; interview with and musical performance by Troubled Waters

Monday, Sept. 14 Actress Emily Blunt; Justice Stephen Breyer; musical performance by The Dead Weather

Tuesday, Sept. 15 Actor Jake Gyllenhaal; musical performance by Run The Jewels with TV On The Radio

Wednesday, Sept. 16 Actor Kevin Spacey; TV legend Carol Burnett with comedians Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer; musical performance by and interview with Willie Nelson

Thursday, Sept. 17 Actress Naomi Watts; United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

Friday, Sept. 18 Actress Lupita Nyong’o; Senator Bernie Sanders; interview with and performance by “An American in Paris’” Christopher Wheeldon, Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope

Monday, Sept. 21 NBA MVP Steph Curry; Senator Ted Cruz

Tuesday, Sept. 22 Donald Trump; U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz; musical performance by Raury

Wednesday, Sept. 23 Actor Hugh Jackman and founder of the Global Poverty Project Hugh Evans; Senator Elizabeth Warren; musical performance by Pearl Jam

Thursday, Sept. 24 Author Andrew Sullivan; Journalist and Activist Maria Shriver; Comedian Jim Gaffigan; Archbishop Thomas Wenski

Friday, Sept. 25 Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai; Actress Kerry Washington; musical performance by The Arcs

  • Boom

    Boom say good. Boom love the Pearl jam band but the vedder voice be pure shit live since the ’05 tours.

    Boom out!!

    • Corndog

      Live perhaps, but don’t you think he sounded pretty good on Backspacer and Lightning Bolt?

      With regards to the show, i get these American talk shows mixed up. Is this Dave Letterman’s old show? He’s retired now right? I loved his show, but it hasn’t been on where i live in quite a few years. Well, that i am aware of at least. Perhaps on some obscure channel. Truth be told i don’t watch a lot of broadcast tv these days. When it’s on, it’s on for YouTube or Netflix.

      • Boom

        There be nothing on that backspacer record that sounding good to Boom. It be the pure shit. Boom dig the Pearl Jam Pearl jam record and most of the Bolt and he sound good in studio. Boom talking about the live concert scene voice and Boom feel this way about it. Thought below.

        Boom feel that since the Vedder tried doing the singing properly he got the worse. Boom feel that he learn to sing with the stomach and no do the yelling the. I more. He grew old fast and Boom wish the vedder stay the 27 forever. Boom wishing to be the 27 again also.

        The letterman do the retire and Late Show was the Daves show. Boom no even do caring who has show now because it no be the Dave again and he be best since the Carson.

        Boom out!!

        Now go rock the fuck out to record called Binaural. Side B.

        • Corndog

          It’s a shame that you can’t find anything on Backspacer that you like. Personally, I’ve loved that album since it came out. That’s music though, it can seem so different from one person to another. For example, as we’ve discussed before, I just don’t like Binaural as a album (although I do think a few individual songs are ok) whereas I know you love it. People’s wildly differing opinions are one of the things that can make music so interesting.

          I’m very interested in what you’ve said about Eddie trying to sing properly. I think I understand what you mean. I think in the early years covering the first 3 albums he was sort of putting a voice on; as if he had an idea in his head of how he wanted to sound or perhaps how he thought people expected him to sound and he aimed for that sound. I think that from No Code onwards he stopped doing that and just sang with his natural voice, with varying results. Is that what you meant? If so, would you agree this happened from No Code onwards?

          I believe that part of the problem with his voice these days, especially live, is that he appears to have lost some confidence in his ability, so tends to mumble and trail off at the end of a line instead of attempting to put some of the power he used to have into it. While a lot of that power is long gone, I do feel that when he gets a little of that lost confidence back and just lets his voice soar he can still get a really decent effect. Think of the end of the song Infallible. How he sounds there is what I mean. He doesn’t sound as good as he did 20 years ago but you can hear in that song that he’s actually going for it. If he could maintain the level of quality in his voice that he has in that song I’d be more than happy enough.

          Apologies in advance for any mad spelling mistakes in this post, but I’m sitting at the back of my son’s Tae Kwon Do class typing this on my phone and it’s so damn fiddly with these tiny buttons.

  • sifting .

    hope they play 1/2 full because that’s what boom is…”half full of shit”
    get it? heh