Pearl Jam Tie U2 For Radio Play Record

Pearl Jam’s new single “Sirens” is already a radio hit, according to The power ballad Lightning Bolt single debuted at No. 23 on the Hot Rock Songs list, No. 19 on Rock Digital Songs, and No. 31 on Rock Airplay. It entered the Alternative chart at No. 39. This is Pearl Jam’s 38th single to enter the Alternative chart, tying them with U2 for the most charted titles in the Alternative chart’s 25-year history.

The official “Sirens” music video already has over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

  • My name is Fred

    Boom call me on my mobile. Boom has retired from his blogs.

    Pearl jam a good band but no like the Sirens. MYM good, Let the records play sound good. U2 is pure shit. The edge is a fool. No like

    • shoegazer

      “The edge is a fool”? You don’t have to like U2 to agree that Edge is a genius with a guitar.

      • My name is Fred

        Edge may be a genius with all his pedals and computers and technology and shit.

        See what he can do without all the toys and fancy tricks.
        Just saying. He ain’t that great.

        And I don’t have to agree about ‘anything’ if I choose.

  • Boom

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    • EvenFlow

      You are probably 14 years old. Probably have some serious mental issues based on what I’ve read around here in my short time coming to this weird place.
      I suggest you get some help before it’s too late.

  • Big M

    Yeah although both bands have fizzled out creatively a while ago, they are definitely in it for the long haul and it shows with an article like this. Radiohead may be the critics all-time favorite alternative act but the numbers here don’t lie. And in other news, it’s something to see- Boom’s trolls seem to be winning the battle.

    • Boom

      The BigM. You say nice words to Boom awhile ago. Boom thank you.
      The BigM is right. The trollers did the winning. There was no fight no compete does Boom just pure sad.
      Rock the fuck out the BigM

  • Christine

    The stations near me only play songs off of the first two LPs for Pearl Jam (thanks to Sony) and don’t play any U2. For both I have to hit my audio library.

  • Boom

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  • Boom

    Boom says this. Watched the “Hatchets Vignette” 48 times and the song. Boom hear “Let the Records Play” only 40 seconds but holy fucking shit it’s fucking sweetness to Booms ears. Funk ass old blues guitar Boom hear. Ed sing good like old days. Sounds like good tune. Fuck “Sirens”.

    Boom also say this. The motherfucking “Lightning Bolt” record is gonna be kick ass. Record of the year Boom says. And fuck “Sirens” sappy shit Boom still no like. No Backspacer part two gonna be rock n roll like Kinks. Rock the fuck out!!

  • Done and out!

    WOW!! This is site is ridiculous now….I am done. Used to have useful information and updates on bands I enjoy with some interesting commentary and sometimes educational. Now its a joke! Everyone wants to start shit, and talk like complete morons. The articles have even gone more to the TMZ style junk and garbage style reporting.
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  • Big M

    Hang in there Boom