• Tim

    Yesterday I heard Soundgarden on the radio while driving. You should report that too.

  • GrungeAttack


  • not4you

    hmm so what?

  • sparky

    in related news, some lady in kansas city was driving her car and pearl jam came on the radio.

  • A

    Yuck. That’s sacrilegious.

  • ed

    0h 0k

  • be

    lack of subject? haha!


  • Gus

    Epic Matt and Stone faces… Best part of the story

  • Jcon

    Stone still looks like Tommy’s Uncle Ernie in that pic

  • be


  • Marcelo

    Gayest picture ever…

  • GrungeAttack

    All look like hard honest working men of our beloved planet who make sweet music to live by.

  • wes. c. adle

    i would rather be updated on this stuff than have an update on another one of those stupid f’n “Pj shows”

  • BeShakey

    Ed’s song Rise Up is featured in a tourism ad for South Australia. Is this the first time they’ve licenced a song for advertising?