Pearl Jam Rumored To Have ‘Busy’ 2016

Numerous rumors are spreading on Pearl Jam’s official Ten Club message board that Pearl Jam have a ‘busy’ 2016 planned following their Latin American tour and Global Citizens Festival performance, but it will not involve a show at the Gorge. The band though are rumored to be planning a United States tour leg in the first half of the year, with shows in southern cities rumored as taking place.

Mike McCready said he hadn’t heard of any plans to celebrate Pearl Jam’s 25th anniversary yet during an interview with Alternative Nation earlier this month.

“I haven’t heard of anything about that, but I’d like to do something for sure. I’m happy to be still around (laughs), we’re still around one more year. It’s astonishing to be here for 24 [years], or 23 and a half, or wherever we’re at now, and we’re talking, and we’re still talking about Pearl Jam because there’s a lot of bands that aren’t around any more that we came up with. I feel very lucky and grateful that we can still do that. So who knows, there’s probably some surprises that I don’t know of yet, but again, we haven’t talked about it yet.”

He did say that he was “sure” Pearl Jam would doing some stuff next year when talking about his 2016 musical plans. He also discussed how the band pick the live shows they play.

“How we go about the process is we look at it kind of year to year, and we look at where the offers come from. Business wise, that’s kind of where you have to make the decisions. What we have to do to support our fan club, our management, our families, what we need to make for the year. Then we have the certain places we enjoy going, and we know we’ll do very well at. We’re very grateful that we can go to South America and play to really big crowds down there: 50, to 60, to 70,000 people. It’s a very powerful experience, and exciting. Or we’ll go to Australia and do the same, play in the States, maybe do less than that, but it’s still fun to play here.

We kind of look at a couple of things per year, maybe three legs of a tour, and hitting specific areas like Europe, and maybe the midwest, these are all hypotheticals. In the past we’ve done South America and Canada. We don’t want to be out forever, we have other things we do, but we certainly love it and we want to be out there at times. We all get the itch to be playing music again, and interact with the crowd, and play those songs live, because that’s what we do. But we do talk about it, and have meetings about it and kind of decide what we want to do in the coming year, tentatively. It’s never that mapped out, but then it does get mapped out, if that makes sense.”

  • Corndog

    Judging the the state of your uncle Eddie’s voice in that Global Citizens concert, i don’t think he has many more years of touring left in him. Anyone who knows me here knows i’m not trolling, and that it genuinely pains me to recognise that fact. His live voice is close to being gone. If he doesn’t do something to fix it, his studio voice could be gone soon too. That would be terminal.

    Much as i love the rest of the guys, Eddie IS Pearl Jam, and always has been IMO. It is his voice that elevated a good rock band into a great rock band. Without that voice i don’t see how they could carry on for very much longer.

    • Boom

      The vedder voice be fucked. Been for years.

      • Ben

        I wouldn’t go as far as saying that…. but definitely not as good!

        • Boom

          The vedder live voice at concert is shit. Pure shit. Has been since the ’05 tourings. The studio voice be as good as they want it being. He ‘try’ to ‘sing’ too much instead of just doing the singing.

          Boom out!!

      • Corndog

        Yeah, sadly i am starting to agree with you.

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  • Stone Gossardish

    Typically things move slower in Pearl Jam timing. I’d bet there’s no new record until 2017 until proven otherwise.

    Anyone suggesting Vedder’s voice is thinning is not listening relative to what it was like in the early to mid 90s. It’s built to last. He’s a singer now, not a screamer. Doesn’t mean he can’t scream, just means he’s a singer 1st.

    Don’t take my word for it, ask vocal coaches or actual paid singers.

    PS. Pearl Jam is all 5, plus Boom. It’s def not just one or two of them

    • Corndog

      I can only offer my opinion, and it has nothing to do with him shouting or not. The power in his voice is almost gone. He struggles to reach notes. His voice cracks all the time. He pulls away from the mic at times rather than have you hear him try and fail to hit a note. He even seems to have issues following the melody sometimes. he has developed a weird habit of adding strange inflections and extra syllables into words. He appears to be having issues with timing as he is coming in too late on a line and then trying to cram the entire lyric in towards the end of the line. Perhaps most importantly, i think that he is losing confidence in his voice; at least that is the impression i get sometimes when i watch them live.

      These are just the things that i notice myself when listening to live performances. To coin Scott Weiland – (fas as his voice is concerned) He’s half the man he used to be.

      I know that your uncle Eddie can illicit quite strong emotions from folks, so before anyone wants to murder my first born for saying it, be aware that despite everything i just said i would still rather listen to Eddie Vedder than any other singer on the planet. I do think that he can still sound good in the studio and really liked him on Lightnight Bolt; Infallible and Lightnight Bolt (song) in particular.

      Love the name by the way:)

      • Michael Dolce

        No youre spot on. He’s adjusting in the same way Steven Tyler had to with Aerosmith.

      • Stone Gossardish

        That’s a fair opinion and you laid it out well. I understand what you’re saying.

        There are many that believe Vedder can do no wrong. I’m not one of them, I think he did wrong last weekend if it was in fact he who caused the broadcast debacle with MSNBC, not airing it live, not airing it complete, etc.

        We are all living in a Stone Gossard world. It’s his planet, really. Stone is Stone, I mean what can we say but honour him whenever possible.

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