Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready Releases First Single For New Record Label

Seattle, August 26, 2015: Mike McCready of Pearl Jam has long had a love for vinyl, and for recording and listening to good music. His new Label Hockeytalkter, will release vinyl singles by some of his favorite artists, in small-lot, limited edition, batches. The first single will be available at the new Hockeytalkter website. Additional copies will be also available at Seattle’s Easy Street Records locations.

Mike plans to release a few projects a year, artists that he enjoys and some that he likes to collaborate with.

Hockytalkter’s first release is with Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers. Of them, Mike says:

“I started playing music with Danny Newcomb in 1978, when I was 12, in our first band, Warrior, which later became Shadow. Danny was the lead guitar player and I played rhythm and he pushed me to become a better player. Danny is not only one of the best guitarists in the Northwest, but he has also always been an amazing songwriter. His new album (Masterwish) is fantastic and I hope people take the time to listen!”

Danny Newcomb helped found the Rockfords with McCready, as well as Shadow. His last popular project was Goodness, and a rock band from Seattle which he co-founded with singer Carrie Akre, and was on Atlantic records.

The Hockeytalkter single features two songs “One Wish” and “Sundays”. Mike McCready plays the lead on Sundays. Both songs are off Danny Newcomb’s new release, ‘Masterwish’, which is in rotation now on Seattle’s KEXP.

  • Thelonious Funk

    For Pearl Jam diehards who need to own everything only

    • Corndog

      I haven’t had anything i can play vinyl on for 20 years. I’ll pass.